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The Future of Customer Care in the Telecommunications Industry

28th February 2024

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving, and customer care is no exception. As customer expectations change and technology advances, telecom companies are looking for new ways to provide efficient and effective customer service.

Ditch the Manual, Embrace AI: Streamlining Telecom Customer Care

14th February 2024

Telecom customer service is often rated poorly by consumers, but AI is changing the game by providing instant diagnoses, empowering agents, offering 24/7 self-service, and creating a seamless omnichannel experience.

Unleashing the power of cutting-edge AI solutions; Transforming network operations

30th January 2024

AI is revolutionising network operations for telecom providers by enabling data-driven insights, automation, and real-time decision-making, leading to improved network performance, cost savings, and customer experience.

Overcoming the Telco Customer Care Challenges

20th December 2023

Telecom providers grapple with substantial challenges in delivering an enhanced customer care experience. The surge in subscriber call-ins, coupled with high staff turnover rates and the introduction of new services and use cases, has hindered progress.

The Future of Customer Service: Embracing AI for a Seamless Digital Experience

11th October 2023

Status Checker AI: A game-changer for network management and digital customer care. This innovative AI solution empowers operators with proactive insights, automates customer interactions, and elevates digital care experiences.

Network Performance: Unlocking the customer experience with digital self service

23rd May 2022

Unlocking the future of network performance and the customer experience with digital self-service, reducing the strain on network call centres and focusing on optimisation. Read more to find out how Service checker is truly digitising the customer experience.

The Customer Journey; Are We On The Right Track?

11th October 2021

Customer expectations and the customer call centre experience has significantly changed in the last couple of years. Covid has been one of the large contributing factors that has brought to light the importance of the call centre, and how they must adapt to meet the changes in customer behaviour and expectations.

Innovation in Customer Service Can Help MVNOs Stand Out in a Competitive Market

17th March 2021

Embracing digital channels which prioritise automation and self-service can bring fast value to a range of customer satisfaction and call centre KPIs whether via live service checkers on an MVNO’s website or intuitive service software for contact centre personnel.

The Importance of Prioritising Innovation in Telecoms

27th January 2021

A key area that operators can look to invest in is within Digital Customer experience, especially within the context of service. While the reputation of service from mobile operators has improved over the past few years, there’s clearly more ground to gain.

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