SmartNetwork is an advanced GIS software module that provides a central source of network intelligence to thousands of engineers. It efficiently integrates and correlates any GIS-based datasets, eliminating data silos across your organisation. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) the software is capable of handling complex and multi-vendor infrastructure, coverage, performance, service management data, and more. A wealth of capabilities are packed into the module, leveraging machine learning models and predictive analytics to provide decision aiding insight. In a telecommunications context, SmartNetwork enables the monitoring of heterogeneous datasets such as asset details, transmission links, OSS and BSS performance, road vectors, and predicted coverage rasters, while provide various correlation and reporting features.

Not only does SmartNetwork serve as a repository for your data, but it also functions as a central mapping tool, utilising AI-driven algorithms to visualise and analyse third-party test and measurement data, as well as data from Metricell's in-house tools: AutoMobile, Beacon, Network Surveyor, and Aptus.  

Use SmartNetwork to:

  • Automate the ingestion, correlation and visualisation of any geospatial dataset.

  • Create a central repository of data collected by Metricell's applications, third-party systems or other internal tools, through advanced automation mechanisms.

  • Implement a centralised GIS tool, to dismantle internal data silos and ensure universal accessibility of key datasets for all stakeholders.

  • Analyse data within a location-based context, enriching it by correlating with other datasets within a unified interface, powered by AI and automation.

  • Work efficiently with colleagues and partners by utilising a range of powerful collaboration and data sharing tools.

  • Benefit from the user-friendly nature of the software, which enables both technical and non-technical departments to access and utilise it.

Feature Overview:

  • Seamless navigation that allows effortless access and visualisation of information, providing timely insights.

  • Advanced 3D visualisation capabilities, going beyond the traditional bird's-eye viewpoint, by incorporating contextual ground information and displaying 3D buildings to better understand common network issues such as line of sight, clutter type and elevation.

  • Inbuilt collaboration tools that enable the swift sharing of insights and expedite decision-making processes.

  • Visualisation of any dataset containing a geographic element, along with the ability to save user-defined ‘snapshots’, including data layers and applied filters.

  • Leveraging a wide array of powerful analytics tools to identify key trends, assess the impact of changes, and efficiently manage workflows, making use of AI and automation technologies.

O2 Single Pain of Glass

O2 use Metricell's SmartTools software to consolidate all their tools in to one place, eliminating data silos between teams and departments, and enabling collaboration.

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