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SmartNetwork is a powerful GIS software module, capable of centralising any GIS based dataset and eliminating data silos across your organisation. It can handle complex infrastructure, performance, service management data and much more. For example, in a telecommunications context this may include Cell Sites, transmission links, OSS KPIs, road vectors and predicted coverage rasters. SmartNetwork can also handle any unique datasets including EV charging points, street furniture and any other location-based assets.

SmartNetwork doesn't only house your data, but is also the central mapping tool for visualising and analysing measurements from Metricell's tools: AutoMobile, Beacon, Surveyor and Aptus.

The software provides a series of powerful reporting capabilities helping the user to extract intelligence from these map-based visuals, enabling key decisions to be made. In addition, there are a variety of functions included to interrogate the data such as Dual Maps, 3D Buildings Overlay and Map Layers, along with a range of collaboration tools to enable teams and departments to work closer and more efficiently.

Use SmartNetwork to:

  • Deploy a centralised GIS tool, to break down internal data silos and ensure key datasets are accessible to all stakeholder groups.

  • Automate the ingestion of any data, whether collected by Metricell's tools or integrated from other 3rd party systems and internal tools.

  • Analyse data in a location-based context, which is enriched through correlation against other datasets within one interface.

  • Work efficiently with colleagues and partners via a range of powerful collaboration tools.

  • Benefit from the tools ease of use by allowing technical and non-technical departments access based on their internal processes and use case requirements.

Feature Overview:

  • Effortless navigation, allowing you to access and visualise the information you need, when you need it.

  • View your data in 3D, extending the traditional birds eye viewpoint by applying contextual ground information and seeing 3D buildings to help understand common network issues such as Line of Sight.

  • Built-in collaboration tools enable you to quickly share insights and take more immediate action or make more educated decisions, including Messenger and interactive ViewShare URLs.

  • Visualise any dataset with a geographic element and take user-defined Snapshots to save your view, data layers and any applied filters.

  • Utilise a range of powerful analytics tools to identify key trends, understand the impact of changes, and manage workflows.

O2 Single Pain of Glass

O2 use Metricell's SmartTools software to consolidate all their tools in to one place, eliminating data silos between teams and departments, and enabling collaboration.

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