Our technology can turn any mobile application into a crowdsourcing device which will invisibly upload a wide range of anonymous experience data directly to the cloud.

Network operators need to continually understand and improve their offering from a subscriber experience point of view. Aptus has helped our operator customers build large-scale and highly-detailed experience maps across their geographies and minimise resource-intensive testing practices such as drive testing.

Our Aptus capability is simple to integrate into the apps of network operators and will automatically transmit anonymous experience information straight to the cloud. This serves to instantly leverage an existing application's user base.

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Data Points

Automatic capture of real-time key performance measurements such as dropped calls, no service, no data and more.

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Verify Coverage

Instant verification of your coverage predictions and the automated identification of common engineering problems such as crossed feeders.

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Subscriber Behaviour

Detailed understanding of subscriber behaviour and habits including popular and best performing handset.

Gain real Subscriber insight

Our lightweight SDK can be integrated into existing billing and VAS applications whilst remaining compliant with data and privacy guidelines. Open up a new, fully automatic stream of subscriber-reported data in as little as 2 weeks. Get in touch to get started!

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