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SmartAgents is a web-based GIS software toolkit designed specifically for non-technical contact centre staff. It enables first line agents to rapidly and independently deal with inbound customer queries relating to technical queries.

In a fiercely competitive market, the provision of fast and accurate information is a crucial differentiator in times of outages and service disruption, which when disseminated correctly can boost customer satisfaction scores, reduce social media backlash and help reduce churn.

By integrating a range of data from across the business, including live faults, maintenance tickets and other information, SmartAgents cuts out the time needed to fulfil inter-departmental requests for information. These requests have a harmful effect on crucial KPIs including First Contact Resolution, Mean Time to Resolution and 3rd Line Escalations.

Use SmartAgents to:

  • Standardise and inform all contact centre agents with a live, location based, network status.

  • Improve critical contact centre KPIs, including First Contact Resolution and Mean Time to Resolution.

  • Benefit from a fast ROI with new operational efficiencies and significantly reduced 3rd Line / Technical Escalations.

  • Better retain contact centre staff, who are upskilled to handle more complex network enquiries.

  • Transform a powerful mix of crowdsource, network and location data into quick and ready to communicate information.

Feature Overview:

  • Access to correlated datasets to effectively troubleshoot customer issues.

  • Instant view of infrastructure details and performance KPIs, location based status and customer-specific crowdsource information.

  • Display of infrastructure serving the customer, per technology, at any location; including distance to best server, line of sight and predicted service.

  • Range of mapping tools and layers to assist in the interpretation of data

  • Flexible, process-led text and map-based search functions adaptive to local conditions.

Celcom Digital Customer Care

Celcom have been using Metricell's SmartAgents and Service Checker to drive superior customer experience.

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