Empowering the Contact Centre


SmartAgents is a web-based GIS software toolkit designed specifically for non-technical contact centre staff. It enables first line agents to rapidly and independently handle inbound customer queries, including technical issues, through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation.

In today's fiercely competitive market, the ability to provide fast and accurate information is a crucial differentiator, especially during outages and service disruptions. When disseminated correctly with the help of AI and natural language processing, this information can boost customer satisfaction scores, mitigate social media backlash, and ultimately reduce customer churn and call centre costs.


By integrating a wide range of data from various business sources, such as live faults, maintenance tickets, and other relevant information, SmartAgents eliminates the time-consuming process of fulfilling inter-departmental requests for information.

As a result businesses can expect to see a positive impact on critical key performance indicators (KPIs) like First Contact Resolution, Mean Time to Resolution, and 3rd Line Escalations.

Use SmartAgents to:

  • Empower all contact centre agents with standardised and up-to-date network status information, powered by predictive analytics and AI.

  • Improve critical contact centre KPIs, including First Contact Resolution and Mean Time to Resolution, through the automation and intelligent analysis of customer issues.

  • Experience a fast return on investment (ROI) by leveraging new operational efficiencies and significantly reducing the need for 3rd Line or Technical Escalations.

  • Enhance contact centre staff retention by upskilling them to handle more complex network inquiries.

  • Transform a rich blend of crowdsourced, network, and location data into easily accessible and actionable information, thanks to SmartAgents' advanced capabilities.

Feature Overview

Benefit from flexible, process-led text and map-based search functions that adapt to local conditions, allowing for efficient information retrieval and analysis. SmartAgents helps First, Second and Third Line Agents.

  • Display the infrastructure serving the customer based on their location and technology, including metrics like distance to the best server, line of sight, and predicted service quality.

  • Translate technical, complex data into meaningful insight for non-technical staff and subscribers.

  • Access correlated datasets to effectively troubleshoot customer issues using AI-driven insights.

  • Utilise a range of mapping tools and layers to aid in the interpretation of data, making it easier to identify patterns and trends.

  • The Trending Problem Areas capability identifies emerging trends in complaints, which can give you insights into how to improve your products and services.

  • Instantly view infrastructure details, performance KPIs, location-based status, and customer-specific crowdsource information.

Celcom Digital Customer Care

Celcom have been using Metricell's SmartAgents and Service Checker to drive superior customer experience.

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