The AutoMobile approach can turn any vehicle into a drive test vehicle with all captured data points geolocated and mapped for access via our SmartNetwork GIS.

Car Dashboard

Introducing Automobile – Metricell’s powerful and efficient drive testing solution. Automobile is a plug and play unit that is based on a consumer smartphone. It provides a faster and more resource-efficient route to network testing and measurement.

AutoMobile works within the context of normal subscriber activity to help operators understand how to improve their network service in-line with customer experience and expectations.

AutoMobiles have been used in a variety of vehicles for everything from nationwide benchmarking projects, emergency services network testing, major road network analysis and more.

AutoMobile arrives ready to begin testing and can be plugged into any car or vehicle via the 12v power socket. They have also been used in boats and trains, and even for walk testing with the addition of a simple battery pack.

The device has a preloaded and predefined test script which analyses common activities including voice calls, web browsing and video streaming.

AutoMobile and a screen

AutoMobile has helped operators around the world save huge amounts of money when it comes to drive testing budgets. Vehicles require no modification and engineers can begin testing as soon as they receive the unit.

The measurement data captured by AutoMobile is automatically uploaded to our web-based software SmartTools, for post-processing and access. This platform presents users with a powerful library of reports which can be automatically generated and communicated to key stakeholders.

"The fact that these units are plug and play makes the setup very easy, and we have been impressed by Metricell’s dedication to providing a durable, robust product that has contributed directly to efficiency savings.”

- Head of Wireless Access Engineering | TIM Italy

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Futurezone is an Austrian news site who carries out annual benchmarking tests of the country’s three main operators: Drei, A1 and Magenta. Using Metricell’s AutoMobile technology, Futurezone drove across Austria simultaneously testing: video streaming, voice calls and web browsing. 8,500 kilometres were covered with 300,000 measurements collected.

Video Streaming

Voice Calls

Web Browsing

The operators were scored out of 300 with the final results showing:


A1 scored particularly well in terms of network coverage and the availability of the fastest 4G standard currently available.

“For the coming year, it would be conceivable for the first time to also include the 5G network in the test.”

– Jurgen Dalmus | Dalmus Commercial Agency

MTS provides a range of mobile and fixed line communications services to over 80 million mobile subscribers across Russia, Armenia and Belarus. As well as consumer customers, MTS has numerous corporate customers across sectors such as finance, agriculture and entertainment. These customers need proactive monitoring and investigation of any experience issues to ensure they continue their service with MTS.

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Pinpoint times of day where office locations experienced signal drops.

Identify sections of roads with low support for conference calls and other mobile activities conducted by VIP clients.

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Ensure compliance with SLAs and implementing Beacons for any areas of complaint.

Test and Measurement

The captured data is automatically uploaded and accessible via our web-based SmartTools software. This includes both geospatial and dashboard-based interfaces to help engineers make fast network enhancement decisions.

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Moving forwards, our Surveyor application can serve to conduct detailed site analysis to help engineers further fine-tune network service provision across buildings and sites.

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"Thanks to the efficiency of Metricell’s Drive Test and In-Building monitoring solutions, we are able to rapidly gain a live picture in and around key corporate offices and understand where to optimise the network for the maximum improvement in service. A key advantage is how we are able to evolve and scale the testing with ease and gain real-world insight into common activities such as web browsing and call performance as well as using industry standard POLQA methodology to understand experience within CSFB, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling."

- Alexander Tsivlin | MTS Project Director.

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