Fully Digital Self Care

Metricell’s Fully Digital Self Care provides transformational telecom operator-customer interactions, providing seamless, personalised, and efficient support through AI-powered chatbots, automated ticketing systems, and real-time analytics. Empower your customers with immediate assistance, leading to higher satisfaction levels, time savings, and increased revenue. Read more.

Network Intelligence System

Effectively manage large, intricate mobile networks with Metricell's AI-powered platform. Leverage real-time network status data and actual coverage measurements to gain accurate insights into network performance. Empower informed decision-making, enhance problem-solving, and optimize network operations. Read more.

AI Test & Measurement

By embracing comprehensive network visualisation solutions that integrate live network status with test and measurement data, network operators can unlock a new level of performance optimisation, ensuring a consistently reliable and high-quality network experience for their customers. Read more.

Our Latest Blogs

Embracing AI in Telecommunications: Get a Head Start with New Mobile Assistants

8th July 2024

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, the race for superior customer service is intensifying. Network operators are under constant pressure to innovate and deliver exceptional experiences to retain and grow their subscriber base. Read all about taking competitive advantage with Metricell.

Benchmarking for the Future: Gaining the Competitive Edge in 4G and 5G Networks

10th June 2024

In the dynamic landscape of 4G and 5G networks, staying ahead of the competition is paramount for mobile network operators. The ability to compare and benchmark network performance not only provides invaluable insights into your own network's capabilities but also reveals where you stand in relation to your competitors.

Validating Excellence: Streamline 4G & 5G Network Assurance with Metricell

20th May 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the performance and reliability of 4G and 5G networks are under the microscope more than ever before. However, with the growing complexity of Radio Access Networks, mobile network operators face the formidable challenges.

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Examples of connectivity being delivered, awards we've picked up along the way and our charity work.

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Hiring all experience levels and proudly supporting apprenticeship and graduate schemes.

Engineering Division

Delivering exceptional outcomes with increasing consumer expectations, budgetary pressure and complexity.

On the Forefront of Network Connectivity for 17 Years

Metricell are an award-winning supplier of software solutions to some of the world's largest telecommunications companies, government agencies and transportation networks. How would you like to work with us?

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This has been a successful year for us with many exciting projects, awards and milestones.


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Metricell is committed to innovation and is constantly developing new products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Keep up to date with all things Metricell here.

Our Latest Videos

Validating Excellence: Streamline 4G & 5G Network Assurance with Metricell

The growing complexity of Radio Access Networks, mobile network operators face the formidable challenges.

Assuring Your New Mission Critical Broadband Network

Learn how to navigate the complexities of ensuring the reliability and efficacy of the UK's mission-critical broadband network.

Metricell Charity Events 2024

We host a wide range of fundraising charity events and this year we have been supporting Chestnut Tree House, Horsham Matters and ABC Animal Sanctuary.

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