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Network Performance: Unlocking the customer experience with digital self service

Network Performance: Unlocking the customer experience with digital self service

Unlocking the future of network performance and the customer experience with digital self-service, reducing the strain on network call centres and focusing on optimisation. Read more to find out how Service checker is truly digitising the customer experience.

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Geospatial intelligence tools that traverse a wide range of business processes.

Emergency Services Networks

Our experience in network planning, testing and optimisation has seen us equip emergency service vehicles with non-invasive testing units which report on key service metrics 24/7/365.

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Metricell implemented the worlds largest drive testing campaign - Click here to learn more!

We provide systems and software which drive insight and improvement on the connections we rely on for our personal and professional lives -empowering Connectivity for both subscribers and businesses.

Network Planning

Working with you to identify the connectivity needs of businesses and users for network planning and business continuity. Learn more...

Experience Testing

We supply a range of cost efficient, user-friendly test instruments to assess network performance – from roads to buildings. Learn more...

Network Visualisation

Our flexible range of geospatial interfaces allow for everything from the 3D visualisation of the network environment, to digital customer care avenues. Learn more...

Data Analysis

Utilising the latest in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data processing, we can help you answer some of the most pressing questions faced by your business. Learn more...

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Consulting Services

Our Consulting Team combine in-depth telecoms experience with the latest analytical practices to address complex challenges such as cost efficient network enhancement and sharing & merging projects.

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We serve a wide range of sectors and are proud to be supporting the connectivity needs of a variety of industries and specific use cases.

We work with local and national governments to deliver a range of projects: from consumer research and regulatory compliance, to SmartCity development and service provider benchmarking. We’re responsible for the world’s largest drive test campaign, ensuring the UK Emergency Services Network is fit for purpose. Learn more...

Is your business built on connectivity? We work with some of the world’s best-known companies to test, measure and assure the connections that keep them running. Our work includes in-building surveys; connectivity planning and design; private networks, and providing essential tools for continuous monitoring. Learn more...

We deliver an extensive range of solutions to Communication Service Providers and their vendors, including Managed Service Providers and Towercos. We’ve brought process automation and digital transformation to engineering and customer care teams alike. Learn more...

MVNOs benefit from Metricell’s solutions to help more efficiently serve and understand their customers, reduce demand on their support channels and ensure their host operators are providing the level of service agreed within contracts and SLAs. Learn more...

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