AI Powered Technology for a Better Connected World

Our innovative, market-leading products and services are in use by many of the world’s leading telecoms operators, governments and enterprises worldwide.

Fully Digitalised Customer Care

Metricell’s Digital Customer Care provides transformational telecom operator-customer interactions, providing seamless, personalised, and efficient support through AI-powered chatbots, automated ticketing systems, and real-time analytics. Empower your customers with immediate assistance, leading to higher satisfaction levels, time savings, and increased revenue.

Automated Network Management – Powered by AI

Effectively manage large, intricate mobile networks with Metricell's AI-powered platform. Leverage real-time network status data and actual coverage measurements to gain accurate insights into network performance. Empower informed decision-making, enhance problem-solving, and optimize network operations.

Fully Digital AI Test & Measurement

By embracing comprehensive network visualisation solutions that integrate live network status with test and measurement data, network operators can unlock a new level of performance optimisation, ensuring a consistently reliable and high-quality network experience for their customers.

Our Latest Blogs

The Future of Customer Service: Embracing AI for a Seamless Digital Experience

Status Checker AI: A game-changer for network management and digital customer care. This innovative AI solution empowers operators with proactive insights, automates customer interactions, and elevates digital care experiences.

Employee Spotlight Blog

Meet our Music-loving Mathematician! Learn about his journey, favourite projects, and the motivation that drives him. Don't miss out on his top work perk and valuable advice for aspiring Metricell team members. Read on to uncover it all!

The Crucial Role of Test and Measurement for Local Authorities

In today's highly connected world, reliable network coverage is essential for both individuals and businesses. Local authorities play avital role in ensuring that their communities have access to efficient and high-quality communication networks.

Our Story, Vision & Values

Examples of connectivity being delivered, awards we've picked up along the way and our charity work.

Metricell Value Partners

Learn about our MVP initiative and join our worldwide network of industry experts.


Hiring all experience levels and proudly supporting apprenticeship and graduate schemes.

Engineering Division

Delivering exceptional outcomes with increasing consumer expectations, budgetary pressure and complexity.

On the Forefront of Network Connectivity for 16 Years

Metricell are an award-winning supplier of software solutions to some of the world's largest telecommunications companies, government agencies and transportation networks. How would you like to work with us?

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This has been a successful year for us with many exciting projects, awards and milestones.


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Metricell is committed to innovation and is constantly developing new products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Keep up to date with all things Metricell here.

Our Latest Videos

Automated Network Management – Powered by AI

Harness AI and data analytics to transform your network operations. Metricell's solutions deliver real-time insights into network performance, powered by live status and signal coverage.

Status Checker AI: The Future of Customer Service

Watch our video to see how this innovative AI solution empowers operators with proactive insights, automates customer interactions, and elevates digital care experiences.

Test and Measurement for Local Authorities

The importance of measuring network coverage for local authorities is vital in understanding connectivity within our communities.

AI Powered Technology for a Better Connected World

Our innovative, market-leading products and services are in use by many of the world’s leading telecoms operators, governments and enterprises worldwide.


Solutions to Empower Your Organisation

We serve a wide range of sectors and are proud to be supporting the connectivity needs of a variety of industries and specific use cases.

Our Expertise


Geospatial Intelligence Tools & Applications

We provide systems and software which drive insight and improvement on the connections we rely on for our personal and professional lives - empowering connectivity for both subscribers and businesses.

Our Solutions

Great work! We are making some real progress and the power of the data is beginning to become apparent with more and more people taking an interest in what we are doing.

Paul McCorquodale (Head of B2B Service Management, EE)

The Metricell team has worked closely with our team at every step of the way… We congratulate them for their commitment, proactive approach and professional delivery.

Mansoor Hanif (Director of RAN Development, EE)

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In these extraordinary times, connectivity is imperative for all customers. We must strive to provide the best service for each and every customer we have.

Metricell have developed a visualisation tool that allows us to quickly and efficiently analyse customer queries that can be utilised by all. It’s simple to use and it’s packed with the necessary information that means we can treat the tool as a single pane of glass.

As working from home is a reality of these current times the ability to flick between screens diminishes, having a single tool which we can use to carry out the majority of investigations makes life easier for all.

Thank you to the whole Metricell team for their continued support.

Adam Munford (Radio Analysis Customer Enquiries, Telefónica UK Ltd)

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We’re immensely pleased to be working with Metricell on a new initiative to help monitor and continually improve the service received by our customers.

Thanks to the efficiency of Metricell’s Drive Test and In-Building monitoring solutions, we are able to rapidly gain a live picture in and around key corporate offices and understand where to optimise the network for the maximum improvement in service.

A key advantage is how we are able to evolve and scale the testing with ease and gain real-world insight.

Alexander Tsivlin (Project Director, MTS)

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This is exactly the type of innovation and collaboration we need to meet our long term goals.

Fraser Curley (CEO, Zain)

Placing such an advanced optimization tool in the hands of the consumer has never been done before in the Middle East.

Amr Alsaid (Value Added Service Director, Zain)

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