About Beacon

Beacon autonomously replicates subscriber behaviour to provide insight into service performance at any location. It provides a fast, user-friendly and customer-centric route to service assurance and network monitoring wherever you need it.

24/7 Location Monitoring

Used for monitoring corporate HQs, public events, transport hubs, factories and plants. Beacon units monitored all 12 stadiums for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup and are often used for capacity planning and management.

Replicating Real User Experience, with Real-time Results

Call, download, upload, video streaming, web browsing and more. Beacon runs a range of tests to see if the network environment is powerful enough to support common user activities.

Customisable Test Scripts

Beacons have full remote management. Changes in test scripts can be automatically pushed to the devices as required.

Automated Reporting and Control Via Web-Based Dashboards

View Beacon data, speeds, status and test results in a real-time web dashboard. Estate managers can see and report across any size of property portfolio and command any number of Beacons in their fleet to perform specific tests.

Beacon Use Cases

Hundreds of Beacons around the world are constantly testing network performance across a wide range of industries – from airports and civic infrastructure to factories and worldwide corporate headquarters.

Let's take a closer look...

Live Public Events


- Ensure plans in place for oversaturation of network

- Measure where saturation is a risk

- Track customer KPI's

- Ensure adequate service for general day-to-day connectivity

Offices and Employees


- Service monitoring for both BYOD and handsets supplied by the company

- Identify the best handset and operator to support your business footprint

- Understand employee experience with the network from application performance point of view - emails, back office activities, etc.

Airports, Stations & Routes


- Assurance of signal along transport routes, buses, freight, etc.

- Ensure Customers have access to applications regarding flight departure times, updates and tickets in airports and stations

- Measuring connectivity for staff

- Understanding customer experience

Warehouses & Factories


- Monitor service for autonomous machine control

- Network across large spaces

- Ensuring connectivity in workplaces

- Reliance on powerful connection essential for industry 4.0

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