Dashboard Creation


SmartBoards is a dashboard and reporting module, which offers an intuitive interface to analyse any dataset ingested within the software. Boards can be designed around one set of metrics or expanded to include data from multiple sources. Once created, the data within the dashboard is automatically kept up to date, within the desired format and structure. Users can gain and share trends and results from the dashboards as they appear, maximising process efficiencies and providing quick and actionable intelligence and insights, without the need to re-run manual reports and data analysis.

SmartBoards provides an almost infinite number of ways to interact with the data, providing full customisation capabilities to extract the insights that you are looking for.

Collaboration is fundamental to the operation of SmartBoards. Reports and Dashboards can be generated with the input of multiple users, capturing cross-departmental requirements and maximising the value of the insights provided. Any content on SmartBoards can be shared with other users within the software or exported via email, useful for management and subscription-based ‘offline’ reporting.

Use SmartBoards to:

  • Build your own dashboards on a pre-user basis and create brand new insights, which can be easily disseminated across the team.

  • Quickly clone and adapt existing dashboards for fast and easy customisation.

  • Create data specific or merged dashboards with the flexibility to interrogate and utilise any of the ingested SmartTools data.

  • Automate the process for identification and action against trends in your data.

  • Subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly reporting outputs without having to sign-in to the platform or manually adjust time filters.

Feature Overview:

  • Drag and drop your choice of charts, data tables and regional maps to present data via your preferred method.

  • Aggregate data by location, serving infrastructure, device groups and more, in order to summarise key performance metrics across different elements.

  • Automatically subscribe to updated dashboard outputs, shared via PDF to your registered email.

  • Adjust and implement your own filtering on data being populated within the results.

  • Build your own, user-specific dashboard library.

  • Built-in collaboration tools enable you to quickly share insights and take more immediate action or make more educated decisions, including Messenger and interactive ViewShare URLs.

Introducing SmartTools V3

The new SmartBoards feature enables you to create you own analytical dashboards and viewpoints.

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