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How Proactive Drive Testing Can Help TowerCos Increase Rental Revenue

TowerCos that rely on multiple customer rentals per site need to be strategic about where they build new towers. Metricell's network testing tools can help you identify areas with the greatest need for coverage, so you can build new towers in optimal locations and attract more tenants.

Our drive testing solution uses a fleet of vehicles equipped with cutting-edge AutoMobiles to collect data on mobile network coverage and quality. This data is then analysed via SmartNetwork using our proprietary algorithms to identify areas where there is a need for more coverage, making this the ideal network planning solution.

Before and After In-Building Surveys

With more and more private enterprise looking to deploy their own in-building Distributed Antenna Systems, TowerCo’s need to be able to sell, deploy, sign-off and operationalise their DAS systems as quickly as possible. Metricell's network configuration management provide support across the end-to-end process, from sales and design, through to deployment testing and operation.

Our wireless site survey mobile application offering provides a uniquely efficient and easy-to-use interface for pre and post deployment testing, which can be used to expedite customer sign-off without any need for specialist testing or equipment.

Inventory Management

Is it time to benefit from a centralised approach to managing your site assets? Rather than working with Microsoft Excel sheets and fragmented GIS tools, Metricell’s solution offers a one-stop-shop to visualise asset locations, store project milestone data, and track key technical and commercial performance of live sites.

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