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Automated Testing & Monitoring

Metricell’s Beacon and AutoMobile solution provides a complete and comprehensive automated testing solution which can be deployed with minimal effort.

Beacon is a plug-and-play device designed to monitor network performance at static locations such as Enterprise HQs, Key Transit links, Retail Stores or other locations of interest. Thresholds can be applied against the results, feeding a comprehensive monitoring and alarming solution based on the data being captured.

AutoMobile is also a plug-and-play device which can be installed into any vehicle to collect network performance data along the road network with all the collected data sent automatically to the SmartTools platform.

Both Beacon and AutoMobile are remotely managed meaning that the devices are completely autonomous once deployed in the field.

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Do-It-Yourself Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing dramatically reduces the cost of collecting network performance data compared to traditional methods such as Drive Testing.

Aptus, Metricell’s lightweight SDK, can be quickly integrated into any third party application to collect a substantial amount of network performance information almost instantly.

With the potential to collect from millions of devices simultaneously, data can be collected across the entire network in a matter of days, with this data continually being refreshed with the latest collections. The crowdsourcing data is not just limited to domestic use, international roaming information can also be captured providing unique insights into how your subscribers roam across the globe.

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Network Visualisation & Data APIs

Metricell’s SmartTools platform can visualise any dataset provided by network operators, third parties or open source vendors to provide a holistic view of the mobile environment.

Each of our tools specialise in delivering a wide range of tailored use cases ranging from Network Visualisation with SmartNetwork; powerful self-built analytical dashboards with SmartBoards to Contact Centre specific platforms with SmartAgents and external Network Status Checker API to integrate with a number of different touchpoints.

Metricell also have a suite of APIs available to integrate these datasets and capabilities into third party platforms and solutions.

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Area Improvement & Workflow Manager

Our tool does not just visualise data, but also allows you to analyse, plan and act upon it. The software will automatically identify and help manage areas of poor mobile or fixed network connectivity. This is achieved by evaluating and correlating a vast range of datasets, using Machine Learning to empower Metricell proprietary algorithms to create geographic clusters for improvement.

Users can be assigned responsibility, make comments and track trends. What’s more, the tool is highly configurable with: (a) adjustable weightings to identify only the worst performing areas; (b) customisable worksheets to match existing workflows and processes and (c) date filters to assess the impact of work / changes to the network.

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Scalable Data Testing

With the invent of crowdsourcing and autonomous measurements, network operators can no-longer rely on dedicated speed test servers when wanting to conduct millions of measurements. Metricell provide a cost-effective, highly scalable Test Cloud solution to help our customers unblock their testing ambitions.

The service offers users the ability to perform flexible data speed and experience testing e.g. Download Speed, Upload Speed, Ping, Jitter and Synthetic OTT Application tests. It’s cloud-based, secure, reliable and resilient; meaning you can measure data connectivity knowing that the infrastructure supporting the tests are not impacted negatively on the results.

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