20th December 2023

Overcoming the Telco Customer Care Challenges

Within the rapidly expanding landscape of telecommunications, providing seamless and efficient customer care has become more crucial than ever. Telecom providers grapple with substantial challenges in delivering an enhanced customer care experience. The surge in subscriber call-ins, coupled with high staff turnover rates and the introduction of new services and use cases, has hindered progress. Simplistic and manual processes lacking accuracy, proving time-consuming and increasingly costly, pose significant obstacles.

Network operators encounter various challenges in delivering an enhanced customer care experience. The expense of maintaining large call centres, often staffed with numerous low-skilled agents, poses a significant hurdle. Moreover, the focus on quick and cost-effective issue handling is hindered by limited datasets, leading to a compromised quality of service. Inconsistencies arise in responses as they vary across agents with diverse skillsets. Additionally, the reliance on outdated, 'home-grown' IT platforms further compounds the problem, providing minimal assistance to customer service agents and hindering the efficiency of operations.

What advantages can both you and your customers gain from an enhanced customer care experience?

Network Operator Business Benefits:

• Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: Mitigate customer churn and elevate satisfaction levels.

• AI Coverage Checker Tools & APIs: Enable seamless digital customer support across various platforms.

• Significant Cost Savings: Automate customer care processes, reducing reliance on large human agent numbers.

• Improved Contact Center KPIs: Enhance critical metrics like First Contact Resolution and Mean Time to Resolution through automation and intelligent issue analysis.

Customer Care Teams Benefits:

• Instant Issue Resolution: Address 20-25% of network status issues promptly.

• Empowered Agents: Equip contact center agents with real network coverage reporting, reducing the need for technical escalations.

• Agent AI Assistance: Leverage available opco datasets and report automation, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval.

Customer Subscriber Benefits:

• Increased Customer Satisfaction: Enable self-service resolutions with immediate responses, reducing reliance on support centers.

• 24/7 AI-Powered Support: Provide round-the-clock customer support via mobile or website platforms.

• Dispute Reporting: Allow customers to dispute reported service issues, aiding in network optimization and prioritisation.

Why Choose Metricell’s Customer Care Solutions?

Metricell's cutting-edge, fully digitalised customer care solutions is designed to redefine how network operators engage with their customers. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, including chatbots, automated ticketing systems, self-care features, and real-time analytics, Metricell is paving the way for a transformative customer care experience.

Metricell’s Solutions Offer:

• Digital, Automated Support: Integration of digital, automated customer support, replacing slow and costly processes.

• 24/7 Digital Reporting: Transformational reporting delivered via IVRs, Chatbots, Coverage Checks, Mobile Apps, SMS, and Whatsapp.

• Opex Savings: Significant savings in operational expenditures through reduced agent headcount, call-in complaints, and daily escalations.

Choose Metricell for a transformative and fully integrated journey in delivering unparalleled customer care experiences.

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