30th January 2024

Unleashing the power of cutting-edge AI solutions; Transforming network operations

AI-powered technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the growth and efficiency of network operators in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry. The integration of artificial intelligence brings a transformative edge by enabling operators to harness the power of data analytics and automation. These solutions provide real-time insights into network performance, allowing operators to identify bottlenecks, optimise resources, and proactively address potential issues. As the volume of data generated within networks continues to surge, AI empowers operators to efficiently manage and extract valuable information, contributing to improved decision-making processes and cost savings.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report, AI is expected to become the core technology in telecommunications services.

The report also found that telcos see improved customer experience and optimised network operations as the top two benefits of integrating AI into their operations—named by 71% and 63% of surveyed telcos respectively.

What issues and challenges do telecom providers experience?

Some of the difficulties network operators experience are:

1. Data silos – Many solutions have a lack of collaborative capabilities which hold operators back.

2. Data warehouse – 1st generation solutions cannot meet today’s requirements or data quantities.

3. Not real-time – Slow data collection can lead to inaccurate and out of date data.

4. Latest technologies - Small cells, 5G and other evolution mean older tools are unsuited for planning & other changed processes.

5. Manual processes - Manually collecting data, loading from device into a CSV and then post-processing the data can take days if not weeks.

Metricell's advanced AI solutions are designed to revolutionise network operations and elevate business performance for network operators of any size.

Our videos on the Fully Digital and Automated Self Care solutions demonstrate how operators can eliminate the necessity for multiple toolsets, which often yield slow and fragmented datasets. Extracting essential network information from such tools can be time-consuming and expensive.

Discover the key digital transformational benefits of Metricell's AI solutions:

Fully Digital Self Care Benefits:

  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction - Less customer churn.
  • AI coverage checker tools & APIs – Enabling seamless digital customer support across websites, mobile apps, IVRs and social media platforms.
  • Significant cost savings – Automating customer care processes reduces the need for large numbers of human agents.
  • Improved critical contact centre KPIs, including First Contact Resolution and Mean Time to Resolution, through the automation and intelligent analysis of customer issues.

Network Intelligence System Benefits:

  • Fully assured digital process – Continuous automated data loading and assurance checks of data warehouse.
  • Live network status – Cross department view of live network status with trending problem area processes.
  • AI work processes – Fully automated manual work processes, saving time and leveraging your data warehouse.
  • Real network focus – Achieve profound data accuracy from all measured coverage data.
  • Best in-class processes – No need to build in-house IT applications which can’t compete with the latest technology advancements.

AI Test & Measurement Benefits:

  • Availability of measured coverage data – Go beyond unreliable network predictions with real coverage validation.
  • Cross department visibility – View of all live network status with ‘connected & replay’ of overlaid T&M data (planning, implementation, operations, real network).
  • Automated work processes – Continuous automated loading of key data from all drive test, CEM, scanners, MDT & other sources.
  • Superior T&M data handling – Enable seamless alignment with your data warehouse and network management solutions for optimised business opportunity and growth.

Why choose Metricell’s AI-powered solutions?

Metricell's commitment to innovation and excellence positions our AI solutions as a catalyst for your network's success. Join leading operators worldwide who have already embraced the power of AI to drive unparalleled efficiency and enhanced optimisation for their networks.

Find out more about Metricell's AI Solutions today to explore how our award-winning technology can transform your network operations.

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