AI Test & Measurement

Unleash the power of integrated test and measurement data to achieve unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in network performance analysis. By combining crowdsourced data and drive test results with your organisation's existing coverage data, you can surpass unreliable predictions and gain a comprehensive understanding of your network's true performance. This unified view empowers you to identify and resolve network issues proactively, ensuring consistent and reliable coverage for your customers.

Embracing AI, Convergence, and Real-Time Accuracy for Mobile Network Excellence

In today's dynamic network landscape, relying on network visualisation tools that fail to present the live network status alongside T&M data is akin to operating in the dark. These tools, trapped in a siloed approach, deprive network operators of the critical insights necessary to make informed decisions and optimise network performance.

By seamlessly integrating live network status with T&M data, comprehensive network visualisation tools empower network operators to; gain a holistic view of network performance, enabling proactive identification of potential issues; correlate T&M data with real-time network conditions, facilitating rapid troubleshooting and resolution; and optimise network performance based on accurate and up-to-date insights.

Live Network Status

Standalone tools which ignore the real-time status of the network are severely limiting in making use of your T&M data, in any review, analytics and optimisation.

Real Network Accuracy

Instead of just gathering data, organisations should actively utilise it to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions.

AI Powered

Unlock the potential of this cutting-edge technology and empower your technical/engineering teams. Seize this opportunity to optimise your IT infrastructure and gain a competitive edge.

Omni Channel for T&M

Consolidated view of all drive test, scanner, in-building, MDT, and other measurement data to gain insights and improve decision-making.

T&M Collection Options

Our solution allows generic loading of all file formats, including in-building, drive test, scanner, and CEM.

Operator Processes

Collaborate with a leading provider of Omni Channel T&M solutions for tier 1 opcos to leverage their expertise and achieve best-in-class work process outcomes.

End-to-End Digital Test & Measurement​

By integrating planned and actual coverage data and harnessing the power of AI, you can transform your network operations, achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Maximise Test & Measurement Data Accuracy and Potential.

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Key Features

Achieve unprecedented accuracy in network performance analysis.

Identify and resolve network issues proactively.

Streamline troubleshooting processes and minimize downtime.

Free up engineers' time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Stay ahead of the latest technology advancements.

Consolidate onto a Fit-For-Purpose Platform.

Harness the Power of AI

Embrace Real-Time Network Accuracy

Achieve Convergence

AI Test & Measurement Components


Centralised GIS Visualisation

SmartNetwork provides a highly scalable, easy-to-use geospatial solution for all of your network intelligence needs: breaking-down data silos and giving instant access to information.


Flexible Dashboard Creation

SmartBoards provides many ways to interact with data, providing full customisation capabilities to extract the insights that you are looking for - plus automated scheduling and sharing of reports.

AI Supporting Engineering Processes

AI Learning Reporter provides AI analysis of available project datasets, learns patterns, generates insights and produces detailed reports. Use to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and make recommendations. Automate current manual engineering problem tasks using AI for superior results.


Automated Plug-and-Play Testing

AutoMobile turns any vehicle into a drive test vehicle, with all captured telephony data points geolocated and automatically uploaded to our analytics platform, SmartTools.


24/7 Indoor Monitoring

Beacon autonomously replicates subscriber behaviour to provide insight into service assurance and network monitoring at fixed locations.

Network Surveyor

Network Testing Application

Network Surveyor is an engineering application used to visualise the radio environment around the user and perform field surveys, such as in-building, route and site acceptance testing.


AI Powered Crowdsourcing SDK

Our lightweight software development kit can turn any mobile application into a crowdsourcing device which will capture a wide range of network experience data.

Case Study

UK Home Office: The World's Largest Drive Test Campaign

A new emergency services network is launching in the UK. This has been implemented to replace the aging, low-bandwidth Tetra-based system with a more powerful service. Metricell is working to test the rollout with our AutoMobile units which, thanks to their flexibility and scalability, are helping to support the largest drive testing project in the world.

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