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Regulatory Drive Testing & Public Coverage Maps Validation

Every Mobile Operator publishes their Coverage Maps but how accurate are they? Metricell’s Drive Test solution allows for key network performance metrics to be collected across multiple operators to independently validate these coverage claims on a national scale.

Going one step further, network testing can be performed across a wide range of metrics including Voice, Data and OTT services to generate a holistic view of the performance for the entire network.

Regulators can use this information to accurately measure the customer experience levels per operator.

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Encouraging Greater Market Transparency

A significant amount of activity happens on a Mobile Network on a daily basis such as planned maintenance and upgrade works, some of which can negatively impact the experience of subscribers whilst this work is taking place. Traditionally, this information has not been communicated meaning that subscribers have experienced negative impacts on the service they have received with no information about it.

Metricell’s Status Checker solution changes this approach by ingesting network information in real-time to facilitate more transparent communications between the Mobile Operators and their subscribers, informing them of potential service disruptions.

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Building an Independent Picture of Mobile & Fixed Connectivity

The key to determining the performance of a network is collecting representative data and evaluating it to determine if thresholds are being met. Metricell’s lightweight Aptus SDK can be installed into any third party application to collect a vast range of network performance metrics which will enable the Regulator to establish an independent view for each network.

Aptus works on both mobile and fixed networks, providing key insights across both components of the telecoms network with our powerful SmartBoards module providing in-depth reporting capabilities such as the best provider in a certain location or if service providers are delivering against connectivity targets.

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