Network Intelligence System

Managing large complex mobile networks requires an automated data warehouse platform to provide real-time visibility into network status, integrated datasets across all operator phases, and structured data storage for accurate and automated network operation work processes. AI technology enables superior reporting on real network performance, supporting digitisation through informed decision-making and problem-solving.

How Network Management can be Improved with AI

Effective management of a modern mobile network has to be based upon a reliable, real-time view of the Live Status across the network. Large, highly complex networks are continually impacted by site changes, faults, maintenance, traffic loading, etc.

The challenging environments for accurate prediction of service coverage have moved operators to transition toward reliance upon actual measured signal facts for any area. Reliable signal coverage facts used together with live network status details allows AI analytics to be used to automate and deliver accuracy improvements to network management teams.

AI-powered Network Intelligence System transforms manual tasks, with automation and accuracy, utilising machine learning algorithms and AI private data analysis techniques.


Live network status and real coverage facts ensure accuracy and eliminate discrepancies and enable reliable decisions across business departments.


Network status and real measurements provide reliable data on system behaviour, enabling identification of patterns, trends, and potential issues.


Real measurements are essential in mobile network optimising processes and systems

Problem Identification

Live network status and real coverage details enable early detection of problems, minimising downtime and costly failures.


Real measurements validate predictive models by assessing their accuracy and enabling refinement.

Customer Satisfaction

Real measurements are essential to understand customer experiences and satisfaction levels.

Intelligent Insights to Support Data Driven Decision Making

Revolutionise your network operations by harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques. By leveraging live network status and real signal coverage, Metricell's solutions provide accurate and current information on the real performance of a network.

Get The Real Picture of your Network Performance.

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Key Features

Spatial Data Warehouse with powerful, user-friendly GIS

Fully digital auto loading of hourly, daily, etc project datasets

End to end opco datasets, sites, coverage, fault details, performance KPIs

Planned & actual nationwide coverage data achieves accurate results

AI learning & analytics across all proprietary project datasets to automate and solve project tasks

Predictive Analytics:
Identifying historical patterns and trends to anticipate future areas of concern.

Automated Troubleshooting:
Network recommendations and reducing the need for human intervention.

Network Optimisation:
Network traffic analysis for improved bandwidth prioritisation.

Capacity Planning:
AI analysis of network usage to allow for possible growth or degradation possibilities.

AI Powered Network Management Components


Centralised GIS Visualisation

SmartNetwork provides a highly scalable, easy-to-use geospatial solution for all of your network intelligence needs: breaking-down data silos and giving instant access to information.


Flexible Dashboard Creation

SmartBoards provides many ways to interact with data, providing full customisation capabilities to extract the insights that you are looking for - plus automated scheduling and sharing of reports.

AI Supporting Engineering Processes

AI Learning Reporter provides AI analysis of available project datasets, learns patterns, generates insights and produces detailed reports. Use to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and make recommendations. Automate current manual engineering problem tasks using AI for superior results.

Case Study

Virgin Media O2: Viewing the Network Through a Single Pane of Glass

Virgin Media O2 use Metricell's SmartTools software to consolidate all their tools in to one place, eliminating data silos between teams and departments, and enabling collaboration.

“Metricell have developed a visualisation tool that can be utilised by all. It’s simple to use and it’s packed with the necessary information that means we can treat the tool as a single pane of glass. Having a single tool which we can use to carry out the majority of investigations makes life easier for all.”

- Radio Analysis at Virgin Media O2

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