Fully Digital Self Care

Fully Digital Self Care is a pivotal bridge connecting telecom operators and their customers. Digital connectivity goes beyond traditional manual care agent service solutions and provides seamless, personalised, and efficient support for customers, no matter where they are. Modern digital reporting channels allow customers to register problems 24-7, with real-time tracking and problem area hotspots presented to customer care teams. Accurate problem solving responses for each customer report are based upon the live network status.

How Network Operators Can Leverage AI

Network operators can harness the power of artificial intelligence by means of chatbots, automated ticketing systems, and real-time analytics to swiftly address customer queries, streamline complaint resolutions, and enhance their overall level of service quality.

For customers, this translates into instant access to information, personalised interactions, and quick issue resolution through various digital channels, such as mobile apps, websites and large language models. By embracing Fully Digital Self Care, network operators empower their customers with the convenience of immediate assistance, leading to higher satisfaction levels, time saving and increased revenue.

The Power of Intelligent Coverage Checker Tools and APIs

Our comprehensive suite of coverage checker tools and APIs empower telecommunications companies to deliver exceptional customer support experiences. These tools enable customers to easily check network coverage at their desired locations and receive automated alerts and updates. The API integration extends beyond coverage checks, enabling the creation of seamless digital customer support across websites, mobile apps, IVRs, and social media platforms.

Our solution prioritises subscriber digital self-care whilst seamlessly integrating agent-assisted support. When self-care channels are bypassed, we empower agents to resolve customer issues efficiently using AI-powered root cause analysis tools. Our solution provides a smooth and effortless customer experience that empowers both customers and agents, drives customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost optimisation.

Automated Interactions

AI-powered virtual assistant to handle customer queries and provide responses in real-time.

Cost Efficiency

Automating customer support processes reduces the need for a large number of human agents, leading to significant cost savings.

Problem Resolution

AI analysis can solve issues for human agents, improving KPIs; First Contact Resolution and Mean Time to Resolution.

24/7 Availability

AI-powered customer support can be accessed 24/7 via mobile or website platforms ensuring uninterrupted availability.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Automation-led reports help identify trends, handset specific problems and common issues based on real-time monitoring.


Customers can self-serve their network complaints at a specific location and receive immediate feedback and reduce contact centre workload.

Empowering Customers and Enhancing Service Quality through Fully Digital Self Care

By empowering customers with immediate assistance and proactive support, operators cultivate a reputation for responsiveness and reliability, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased customer loyalty.

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Key Features

Leveraging automated digital interactions with crucial operational datasets.

Employing handset-reported data for enhanced problem resolution.

Utilising precise, real-time measured coverage to address customer issues.

Implementing personalisation techniques to resolve handset-specific problems at exact locations.

AI-based problem resolution: continuous learning from problem types, customer comments, and serving cell data.


Reduction in daily complaint escalation to engineering.


Reduction to call-in complaints regarding data & voice over 6 months.


Improvement in FCR (First Contact Resolution) within one month.

Fully Digital Self Care Components


Empowering the Contact Centre

Our digital customer experience tools deliver fast improvements to KPIs, such as First Call Resolution, and rapidly close a range of common customer queries regarding network experience.

Status Checker AI

Self-Service Network Troubleshooting

Our interface integrates into existing digital customer service channels and is proven to enhance KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction and reduce a customer's Propensity to Call.

AI Supporting Engineering Processes

AI Learning Reporter provides AI analysis of available project datasets, learns patterns, generates insights and produces detailed reports. Use to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and make recommendations. Automate current manual engineering problem tasks using AI for superior results.

Case Study

CelcomDigi uses SmartAgents and Status Checker AI to Drive Superior Customer Experience.

Celcom is accelerating service speed and cutting costs by moving the contact centre to a more proactive, digital model for communications and customer care. Status Checker AI helps intercept enquiries to the contact centre by supplying localised information via the website. SmartAgents is a centralised portal of data to answer common queries about service - reducing call handling time to an average of 400 seconds.

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