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Blue Lights

Large-Scale Autonomous Testing

Blue Light Organisations all over the world are seeing a rising demand in the need to update their public safety broadband networks. These networks must be fit-for-purpose and provide adequate push-to-talk, voice, data and coverage experience, everywhere first-responders may need it.

An accurate picture of service must be measured country-wide and Metricell’s solutions make this achievable through easy-to-use plug-and-play test tools which can be deployed to any vehicle.

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In-Building Coverage & Voice Testing

Adequate service indoors is vital for the emergency services, and this will only increase as the use of data-based applications rises.

Whether running perimeter tests, checking basement level coverage or running voice and data tests throughout a building, Metricell’s Android based applications provide the perfect easy-to-use, non-technical interface to conduct floorplan-based surveys.

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Mission Critical Broadband Network Validation

Coverage Predictions have varying levels of accuracy and cannot be relied upon for critical communications. Metricell provides a wealth of tools for gaining a true picture of network experience.

Our software automatically correlates real-world samples with predictions to validate or invalidate predicted service levels. Armed with this key intelligence, Blue Light Organisations can pinpoint where network improvements are needed the most.

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