Computer Vision AI

Our advanced neural network can be applied to any of your computer vision needs, offering seamless, personalised and efficient solutions. It processes data continuously, allowing for real-time tracking and analysis. Whether you need to detect objects, recognise patterns or monitor environments, our technology provides accurate and timely responses based on live data.

Welcome to the Future of Computer Vision

Our dedicated UK-based software team have developed a proprietary neural network designed to operate on real-time data, creating a pivotal bridge for enhancing computer vision applications. Over an intensive 14-month period, we meticulously labelled thousands of images, covering over 30 road condition criteria.

Adaptable Analytics

Our platform's adaptable analytics empowers you to systematically prioritise issue detection helping to enhancing efficiency.

Meeting Industry Standards

By consulting industry professionals, we meticulously examined our neural network to imbue our model with the acumen of a seasoned highway inspector.

AI Powered

Unlock the potential of this cutting-edge technology and empower your team. Seize this opportunity to optimise your infrastructure and gain a competitive edge.

Data at Your Fingertips

Every asset image undergoes automatic geotagging and timestamping. This data-rich resource allows teams to assess asset conditions through an interactive map effortlessly.

Constantly Enrich Our Data

We continually enrich the neural network by feeding it additional data and refining the software, thereby delivering unparalleled results on a daily basis.

Bespoke Dashboards

Craft bespoke data criteria, personalised dashboards, and workflows that align with your unique needs.

Introducing Stan.

Stan is a free mobile app designed to empower users to report road defects, such as potholes, to local authorities. By using your smartphone, you can easily report a problem and Stan takes your issues to the relevant road owner. Stan does all the hard work for you, utilising its cutting-edge computer vision technology to identify road defects. With Stan and the people power behind the app, we know that we can make a difference.

Download Stan the App Today and Drive the Change.


Key Features

Our neural network excels in detecting objects or monitoring environments.

We address the most urgent issues first by considering multiple factors.

We utilise precise, real-time measured coverage to address any issues.

Our neural network has an accuracy of 90% and continues to improve.

Our AI-powered unlocks the potential and empowers your team.

Case Study

Department for Transport

Our participation in the DFT Trial was a pivotal moment for us, driven by the aim of assessing the efficacy of our technology compared to their current conventional surveying equipment. Covering a vast expanse of 100 kilometres in Surrey, we segmented the roads into 10-meter sections, assigning ratings from 1 to 5, with 1 representing optimal conditions and 5 indicating severe defects. To ensure comprehensive data collection, we surveyed the route four times. The trial yielded positive results, paving the way for ongoing research and development.

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