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12th September 2023

Meet our Music-loving Mathematician! Learn about his journey, favourite projects, and the motivation that drives him. Don't miss out on his top work perk and valuable advice for aspiring Metricell team members. Read on to uncover it all!

The Crucial Role of Test and Measurement for Local Authorities

10th August 2023

In today's highly connected world, reliable network coverage is essential for both individuals and businesses. Local authorities play avital role in ensuring that their communities have access to efficient and high-quality communication networks.

UK Government Set to Boost Connectivity

26th June 2023

A new government initiative is poised to propel the UK's connectivity to unprecedented heights by the end of 2030. And with 5G NSA not looking at taking off any time soon, both the government and business leaders recognise where the true value and ambition within the UK telecoms industry belongs.

Mission-Critical Communications: A Vital Lifeline in a Connected World

19th May 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, reliable and seamless communication is crucial, particularly in mission-critical scenarios where lives, public safety, and essential services are at stake.

Data Speed & Coverage Testing Applications - Keeping Us Connected at Home

18th April 2023

For home workers, connectivity is the key to productivity and success. It enables them to access the tools and resources they need to complete their work, collaborate with their team members, and communicate with their clients or customers. A slow or unreliable internet connection can significantly impact their ability to work, leading to delays, frustration, and lost productivity.

Employee Spotlight

13th April 2023

Welcome to our first employee spotlight blog! We hope you enjoy this series, getting to know all the diverse and unique talent we have the pleasure to work with everyday. In our first blog, we get to know Luke Scarratt, who is one of our Senior Project Managers. 

Boosting Business Productivity: The Power of Network Automation

27th March 2023

In today's fast-paced world, businesses and organisations must rely upon technology to stay ahead of the competition, streamline internal processes and monetise where possible. This means that the solutions they require must be fully customisable and flexible in adapting to their needs.

Investing in Our Smart Cities

7th February 2023

Yes, it is true that in today's world, customer focus is a critical factor in successful business and smart city planning. And there are a multitude of avenues that need to be considered before any project can go ahead, such as infrastructure, technology, transport, housing, public services and security to name a few. Furthermore, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and we must learn from our past mistakes if our smart cities are to be a success for the future.

Telecoms and Energy Saving – Are We All In The Same Boat?

16th January 2023

How many of us have energy saving and sustainability on our New Year’s resolution wish lists? I think it’s fair to say, that many households right now are looking for new ideas of how to overcome large winter energy bills and cutting down on non-essentials in hope of saving some pennies. Well guess what? We are not alone in that energy-saving boat.

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