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Investing in Our Smart Cities

7th February 2023

Yes, it is true that in today's world, customer focus is a critical factor in successful business and smart city planning. And there are a multitude of avenues that need to be considered before any project can go ahead, such as infrastructure, technology, transport, housing, public services and security to name a few. Furthermore, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and we must learn from our past mistakes if our smart cities are to be a success for the future.

Telecoms and Energy Saving – Are We All In The Same Boat?

16th January 2023

How many of us have energy saving and sustainability on our New Year’s resolution wish lists? I think it’s fair to say, that many households right now are looking for new ideas of how to overcome large winter energy bills and cutting down on non-essentials in hope of saving some pennies. Well guess what? We are not alone in that energy-saving boat.

How Can We Bridge the Digital Divide?

9th December 2022

We have all heard about the digital divide, but over the years it has turned into one of these clichéd, throw-away terms which we have all used, but perhaps don’t fully understand or appreciate what it really means for some people. For many of us, access to digital services, devices and adequate broadband is taken for granted, and connectivity has become a daily necessity we can’t live without.

Critical Communications On A Global Scale

21st November 2022

The mission critical communications market is set to rise on a global scale, hitting $27.87Bn by the end of 2028 according to Premium Report by The Insight Partners. There are many factors of course helping this along, including some of the specific market segments such as manufacturing, utilities, mining and transportation.

Lawsuits on the horizon for firms selling third-party sensitive data?

18th October 2022

Our data is a crucial component to many types of companies, especially network operators. Not only because it helps them understand the customer experience, but also how to help streamline their own business processes and create growth and new revenue streams.

How To Ensure 24/7 Network Quality Assurance

8th September 2022

Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do, how we interact with others, how we run our businesses and even how we handle our own personal daily activities. If we don’t look after our connectivity now, we open the door to all sorts of IT vulnerabilities, risks and attacks, and this should sit firmly within any organisations planning and continuity management.

Network Performance: Unlocking the customer experience with digital self service

23rd May 2022

Unlocking the future of network performance and the customer experience with digital self-service, reducing the strain on network call centres and focusing on optimisation. Read more to find out how Service checker is truly digitising the customer experience.

Our Fundraising Event of the Year: The Centurion Challenge!

18th May 2022

Metricell’s Centurion Challenge will see a selection of brave Metricell Employees undertake a gruelling 100km hike across the South Downs Way and Downs Link, all in the name of charity. Click to learn more about how you can get involved!

Monetisation – Outsourcing VS Do-It-Yourself Crowdsourcing

25th April 2022

Network operators heavily rely upon customer experience data to not only help improve their own subscriber network performance, but to also optimize their own internal business processes, improve investment strategies and protocols from within. Data is inescapable, but it is how we choose to benefit from it that really matters.

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