8th July 2024

Embracing AI in Telecommunications: Get a Head Start with New Mobile Assistants

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, the race for superior customer service is intensifying. Network operators are under constant pressure to innovate and deliver exceptional experiences to retain and grow their subscriber base. Enter artificial intelligence (AI), a transformative force reshaping how telecommunications providers approach customer service.

Applied correctly, AI can enhance the quality, speed, and efficiency of customer service. Whilst network operators have teams in place for leveraging AI, it’s important that all key stakeholder groups within the organisation build an understanding of how it will transform their existing processes – possibly re-writing them altogether.

AI can manage vast amounts of data, provide real-time insights, and predict issues before they escalate, thereby enabling a proactive approach to customer service that can be delivered right down to the subscriber’s device. It’s at the subscriber device level where network operators can experience the greatest benefits. As well as reducing operational costs via a reduction in inbound complaints and technical escalations, the next generation of device-level self-care solutions will improve how customers interact with and perceive their network experience.

What are the ‘must haves’ for this new breed of telco-specific AI assistants?

  • Localised, Subscriber Centric Troubleshooting: there’s a reason that this new technology need to be utilised at the device level. Network operators are well versed in crowdsourcing QoE data from their subscribers and the value this data brings. Any new AI device assistants will leverage real-time handset and telephony facts to check local parameters, such as OS settings, signal strength, technology availability, data speed and other connectivity settings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Network operators must ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience, from running device and network diagnostics, through to any proposed self-healing steps or further problem reporting. Well defined, guided steps and AI-generated feedback will allow network operators to keep the troubleshooting process straightforward and effective.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: A true AI-based assistant must be integrated seamlessly with relevant data sets and internal systems. By accomplishing this, network operators will empower the device assistant, whilst also capturing valuable insights that help refine their service offerings. By analysing trends and feedback, operators can make informed decisions to enhance network performance and customer satisfaction.

Introducing Metricell’s New AI Device Assistant (AIDA)

AIDA represents the next generation of self-care solutions, utilising AI which has been built using millions of telecommunications data inputs. It is tailor-made to help subscribers overcome their connectivity problems, without the need to contact their service provider. They are able to troubleshoot and resolve network issues independently, significantly reducing the need for traditional customer support channels.

AIDA is designed to reside on end subscriber devices, with a powerful backend platform (SmartTools) to manage and enrich the data. It can be deployed as a standalone application for iOS and Android, integrated into an existing application (i.e. billing or video on demand), and/or integrated into the network operator’s website, chat bots or a call centre IVR.

How are mobile operators benefiting from deploying AIDA?

For network operators, the message is clear: evolve or risk falling behind. As customer expectations rise, the ability to provide quick, efficient, and proactive service becomes a competitive differentiator. AIDA exemplifies how adopting AI-driven solutions can help operators meet these expectations, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry. Examples of key benefits are outlined in the figure below.

  • Customer Monitoring: Gain real-time insights into network performance and customer issues, enabling proactive management and swift resolution.
  • Customer Experience: Enhance customer satisfaction through efficient self-service solutions, improving overall service ratings.
  • Network Quality: Utilise detailed diagnostic data to identify and address network issues promptly, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Digital Transformation: Drive innovation by adopting cutting-edge AI technologies that streamline operations and enhance service delivery. Integrate AIDA with existing digital platforms to provide a cohesive and comprehensive service experience.
  • Customer Care: Reduce call centre volumes and operational costs while maintaining high service standards through AI-powered self-care.

Embracing AI

The telecommunications industry is at a crossroads, where the integration of AI can make the difference between leading and lagging behind. Metricell’s AI Device Assistant (AIDA) showcases the potential of AI to revolutionise customer service, offering a powerful tool for mobile operators to enhance subscriber satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and stay competitive. Embracing such innovations is not just an option but a necessity for those looking to thrive in the dynamic telecommunications landscape.

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