20th May 2024

Validating Excellence: Streamline 4G & 5G Network Assurance with Metricell

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the performance and reliability of 4G and 5G networks are under the microscope more than ever before.

However, with the growing complexity of Radio Access Networks (RAN), mobile network operators (MNOs) face the formidable challenge of ensuring their network build aligns with meticulous planning and operational expectations.

The Crucial Need for Precision in Network Deployment

The deployment of 4G and 5G networks involves juggling complex technical nuances, from multiple carriers and frequency bands to the integration of Massive MIMO and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. This complexity intensifies with the deployment of small cells and precise beamforming algorithms, making traditional network validation methods insufficient.

Ensuring Network Integrity from Design to Deployment

The transition from meticulously planned 4G and 5G networks to physical deployment can introduce a range of unforeseen challenges such as:

  • crossed feeders
  • antenna misalignments
  • overlapping spectrum

These can significantly hinder network performance and Metricell tackles these hurdles head-on.

Validating A Tailored Performance Across Your Modern Network

Metricell's validation goes beyond basic checks. Our process incorporates complex data measurements compared against planned site databases, providing a comprehensive overview of network performance across all technologies.

Our cloud-based Network Management GIS intuitively presents the data of measured vs. planned data, allowing for a seamless identification of build issues like missing or low-signal ARFCNs and misaligned antennas.

The added complexity of 4G and 5G RANs introduces further challenges such as:

  • non-dominant server areas
  • coverage ‘notspots’ due to high-gain antenna patterns
  • varying signal propagation across frequency bands.

Metricell addresses these issues head-on and provides detailed analysis tools that are specifically designed to pinpoint these potential pitfalls, ensuring your network deployments meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Unlocking Your Network Performance with Metricell

Metricell stands as a prominent partner in addressing these challenges. Our solutions offer a granular inspection of RAN deployments, empowering you to navigate the intricacies of modern networks.

The deployment and optimisation of 4G and 5G networks demand a level of precision and insight that traditional methods simply can't provide. Metricell’s suite of tools is specifically designed to meet these challenges and empower mobile network operators with the confidence to validate network builds and configurations.

Partner with Metricell and unlock the peak performance your subscribers deserve.

Contact us now to find out more.

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