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Telecoms and energy saving – are we all in the same boat?

One of the largest energy consumers out there, is the telco industry. Check out our video and find out more about how network operators can help drive down their energy usage whilst keeping customers happy.

How can we bridge the Digital Divide?

For many of us, access to digital services, devices and adequate broadband is taken for granted, and connectivity has become a daily necessity we can’t live without

Smartboards: Dashboard Creation to Boost your Data Analysis

SmartBoards is designed to provide a non-technical central interface, allowing for quick access, correlation and analytics of a variety of data.

Surveyor: Metricell's Network Testing Application

Metricell’s next-generation network engineering application, Surveyor, brings a host of brand new features, improved functionality & a sleek new look.

Sky Beacons

Beacon is used across multiple Sky offices to give insight into indoor connectivity so Sky can understand if their network is fit for purpose and where improvements should be made.

Service Checker

Web-based interface, Service Checker is designed for operators to use on their website allowing customers to instantly access information about live network status in any location of interest.

CrowdSourcing & Data Monetisation for Operators

Discover how data monetisation and do-it-yourself crowdsourcing is helping to grow operator revenues.

Testing Critical Communications Networks

A new Emergency Services network is launching in the UK & Metricell is working to test the rollout with AutoMobiles. Their flexibility & scalability are helping to support the largest drive testing project in the world.

Test Cloud

Test Cloud for your test, measurement and assurance suite. More consistent and higher speeds than other popular testing resources!

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