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Digital Test and Measurement - Network Performance Analysis

Harness the potential of consolidated test and measurement data to attain unparalleled precision and effectiveness in analysing network performance.

Test and Measurement for Local Authorities

The importance of measuring network coverage for local authorities is vital in understanding connectivity within our communities.

Network Surveyor - Test Your Home Network

Do you ever wonder how good your home network really is? If you’re not sure, then you need to test your network with Network Surveyor – a free app available on Google Play. Comprehensive testing, troubleshooting tools and coverage mapping in the palm of your hand. Download today!

Mission-Critical Communications: A Vital Lifeline in a Connected World

In an increasingly interconnected world, reliable and seamless communication is crucial, particularly in mission-critical scenarios where lives, public safety, and essential services are at stake.

Investing In Our Smart Cities

In a world of digital transformation, IOT and smart cities, communities are crying out for better use of data. Having the capability to report on potential customer footfall is really important when it comes to smart city planning and retail development.

How can we bridge the Digital Divide?

For many of us, access to digital services, devices and adequate broadband is taken for granted, and connectivity has become a daily necessity we can’t live without

Surveyor: Metricell's Network Testing Application

Metricell’s next-generation network engineering application, Surveyor, brings a host of brand new features, improved functionality & a sleek new look.

Sky Beacons

Beacon is used across multiple Sky offices to give insight into indoor connectivity so Sky can understand if their network is fit for purpose and where improvements should be made.

CrowdSourcing & Data Monetisation for Operators

Discover how data monetisation and do-it-yourself crowdsourcing is helping to grow operator revenues.

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