16th January 2023

Telecoms and Energy Saving – Are We All In The Same Boat?

How many of us have energy saving and sustainability on our New Year’s resolution wish lists? I think it’s fair to say, that many households right now are looking for new ideas of how to overcome large winter energy bills and cutting down on non-essentials in hope of saving some pennies.  

Well guess what? We are not alone in that energy-saving boat. You can be rest assured that pretty much most organisations are doing the same reviews and exercises to help save themselves money in the short and long-term. Unsurprisingly one of the largest energy consumers out there, is of course the telco industry, and with most operators looking to add 5G in the foreseeable future, their energy usage is only going to go up; unless they can find the right holistic approach now, to help come out on top with the competitive edge.

With energy prices not looking to come down any time soon, post-pandemic energy needs are on the rise and external pressures to create more sustainable best practices, has meant that over one third of operators have gone ahead and made commitments to net-zero goals by 2030. Failure to miss these goals will inevitably result in operators paying higher energy bills, possibly receiving bad press and potentially impact customer sentiment.

According to GSMA Intelligence, 92% of surveyed operators consider sustainability and energy efficiency as very or extremely important to their strategy.

There are several routes of action operators can take to help drive down their energy usage, such as decommissioning legacy mobile and fixed networks, working more closely with partner companies such as handset suppliers to see where savings can be made and AI technologies in advanced cooling techniques or usage-sensitive networks. Operators need to ensure a robust and proactive approach is taken, and make sure sustainability is one of the top priorities when establishing their 5G networks.

Putting all that aside, we still need to ensure the customer experience stays at the forefront of our agenda and energy-saving plans. If network operators implement new processes such as partial overnight downtime or deciding on where might be best to shut down underutilised sites, then we still need to have a good understanding of what kind of impact that will have on the customer base in those locations.

Metricell’s Aptus solution represents the pinnacle in crowdsourcing technology and would be the perfect solution in helping to establish and understand network insights for this much-needed requirement. Aptus is a lightweight SDK which can be integrated into any 3rd party application, discreetly collecting network experience data in the background of the phone. The data captured provides powerful insights into true coverage, data network performance and 5G availability, as well as insightful performance breakdown by cell site, location and time of day.

Contact us to find out more about how your business can work towards net-zero and become Better Connected.

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