29th June 2020

Why Customer Care is Increasingly Dependent on Collaboration

Why Customer Care is Increasingly Dependent on Collaboration

With 2020 increasingly characterised by distance, connectivity has gone from being crucial not only to consumer’s personal lives, but to their professional lives as well. As our investment and dependency on connectivity increases, the structures supporting the service are finding themselves needing to follow suit…and fast.

"In April 2020, internet users in the UK spent an average of 4 hours 2 minutes online each day, a record figure on average, 18- to 24-year-olds spent over an hour more online each day than adults overall." - Ofcom

Many companies are understandably positioning their customer messaging along the lines of “we are here for you” during these challenging times. But the subsequent customer experience has to live up to the message. Age old frustrations with slow, inaccurate or otherwise poor information about service experience will unquestionably magnify during a period where people are more dependent on their connection.

As we’ve seen from the stats above, the increased demand consumers are placing on their connections can cause an uptick in service queries whether that’s due to limitations imposed by their current contracts (speeds, data allowance, etc.) or stemming from faults with the infrastructure.

This makes collaboration for operator teams essential with many finding increased value from cloud-based tools which serve to centralise a range of live network data into a single web-based interface. Capabilities such as these can quickly drive a range of improvements from both an operational and customer satisfaction perspective all through the improvement of access to information whether via a live agent or self-service avenue.

Increasing investment into these tools today can not only help manage networks and experience during lockdown measures, but create a stronger foundation for collaborative strategies moving forwards.

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