7th May 2020

How Crowdsourcing Can Improve Experience and Performance Insight for MVNOs

MVNOs occupy a unique position in the mobile market. While they may not share the same responsibilities as fixed or mobile operators in terms of infrastructure management, their needs for strong insight into network performance and experience are crucial to support the attraction and retention needs of the business.

As MVNOs have no control over network performance, it’s important that they are able to independently understand the experience of their customers and also whether their host network is meeting the standards set out in contracts and SLAs. This information can be hard to collect, especially if the MVNO is depending on transparency from the host operator. In order to understand and challenge network performance, it must be supported with evidence.

This is where crowdsourcing becomes a valuable initiative for MVNOs. They need to understand experience from the subscriber’s perspective, not just from arbitrary measurements provided by the operator. Accurate customer experience data can be utilised for a range of use cases including: gaining a greater understanding of customer behaviour, informing customer retention strategy, identifying and troubleshooting customer issues, benchmarking, and tracking footfall in shops to assess peak times and branch popularity.

There are several routes MVNOs can take in order to benefit quickly and efficiently from crowdsourced data. The first option is to embed a simple crowdsourcing capability into any of the mobile apps across the organisation (billing, account management, video streaming, shopping etc.) to get data from their customers. Third party options, such as our CrowdScore program, allows faster access to ready-to-use crowdsourced data without the need to make any modifications to existing applications.

Both crowdsourced data options can help to enrich a range of activities for MVNOs with a continuous stream of fresh, user-centric experience information. To learn more, request our Crowdsourcing brochure today!


MVNOs can also benefit from a range of digital contact centre capabilities we provide which are proven to make fast improvements for both customer service experience and operational metrics. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn for a new post on this coming soon!

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