13th April 2023

Employee Spotlight

Welcome to our first employee spotlight blog! We hope you enjoy this series, getting to know all the diverse and unique talent we have the pleasure to work with every day. 

In our first blog, we get to know Luke Scarratt, who is one of our Senior Project Managers. 

What do you do at Metricell?  

I'm a Senior Project Manager, meaning that I oversee various projects undertaken by the company. At Metricell, project management is a vital component of our operations. As a company that provides innovative solutions to a diverse range of customers.

How did you come to work at Metricell and how long have you been here?

I've been at Metricell for seven and a half years, starting out as an apprentice in September 2015. I also spent some time working in and with pre-sales as well, but my primary focus has been with the project management department.

You began your Metricell journey as an apprentice. What course did you take?  

It was a Level 4 Project Management apprenticeship. I found the apprenticeship through a company called QA. I applied to them, and they helped with finding companies like Metricell. I applied to Metricell and had the interview; the rest was history.

What did you study at school?

At school, I studied the usual subjects like Math, English, and Science. However, my chosen subjects were Sociology, Business, and IT. I'm also currently doing a university degree alongside work.

What’s the degree you are undertaking?  

My degree is a Bachelor of Science in Project Management. It doesn't run like a normal degree because I'm working at the same time. So, the academic year is 15 months long, which is an extra three months rather than your standard 12. Unfortunately, I don’t get the summer holiday!

What did you want to do when you were younger?  

I wanted to be a race car driver. I used to have a PS2 and loved the rally games on it, but I'd never be skilled enough to do that in real life.

What projects/pieces of work are you most proud of working on since being here?

I’ve been proud of quite a few projects that I have worked on, however, the programme that I have found most challenging since being at Metricell, is the migration project to Microsoft Azure which is a cloud-based hosting solution. This is a current programme, moving towards new and emerging technologies. There are a variety of projects within this programme, including migrating data sets across the platform, implementing Metricell’s Area Improvement Manager, and soon Coverage Validation, which I will oversee rather than running directly.

Which work perk is your favourite?  

I think my favourite company perk has got to be the fact we get our Birthdays off. It’s nice to be able to spend the day seeing family and friends. Also, it's always great to have a lie-in, although I don't get them anymore with a dog!

What motivates you?  

I would say my family motivates me the most, especially my dog, Milo.  

What advice would you give someone who wants to work with us?  

Adventure further than your comfort zone. Don't sit there and think to yourself that's all I can do and nothing more. Try to push yourself, whether that's learning new things or understanding what other people do. I think it's good to push yourself and learn new things as well.  

What do you do to unwind after a long working day?

I like to spend time with the dog and take him on walks, as well as being with family, or watching a game of ice hockey when I have the time.  

Who do you support?  

Guildford Flames; I’ve been a supporter for 8 years.

If you could only keep three apps on your phone, which apps would you choose?

YouTube, Sky Go and Maps.

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