7th February 2020

2020 – The Year CX Overtakes Price and Product

 2020 – The Year CX Overtakes Price and Product

We all know the story by now. Once the last priority for businesses, aftercare and customer service are now increasingly the first thing on their minds. Twitter, TrustPilot, Yelp and countless other platforms have forced heightened levels of accountability onto a market where any failure in service provision is met with aggressive criticism and lost customers. Business owners need to do all  they can to continually enhance their CX offering in the eyes of current and prospective customers to reduce churn and continue to build a positive reputation in the market.

What goes into making a positive customer experience? A countless number of elements could factor, but two stand out as “must haves”: speed and accuracy of service. It doesn’t matter how tuneful your hold music has been, or how polite the agent, if the customer has to endure a long wait or numerous escalations, they are likely to view it as a negative experience. Long waits in the call centre cost the customer time, and the business money, which unsurprisingly creates disappointment at both ends of the call.  

Is there a solution? We think so. The key lies in self-service and continual expansion of available channels. While call centre operations need to be strong, it’s clear that the majority of customers would prefer a self-served, digital route to information. In addition, the reduced strain on the call centre can save the company huge amounts of money and also preserve expensive resources for where they are needed most. A wealth of research and case studies point to the benefit of this approach, making these implementations increasingly desirable.  

The good news is that you can improve your customer’s experience with service in a way that delivers fast, demonstrable improvements. One of our customers, Malaysian operator Celcom, has utilised our tools and systems to great effect in bringing a new level of digital transformation to their care offering. Using a combination of Metricell’s SmartAgents service software, and a Service Checker self-serve web portal, they are now enjoying a 50% reduction in network complaint escalations.  

To learn more, let us know a few details and we’ll send you a link to the case study.

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