3rd October 2022

Metricell and New Partner Grass2Route Tackle Low Connectivity Areas in Malaysia

We are happy to announce Metricell and new partner, Grass2Route (G2R) are working alongside the Malaysian Government, helping to address network monitoring requirements within low connectivity areas such as rural and educational settings like local schools and low income housing programmes. Metricell will supply Beacon units in order to monitor the network, which will be combined with G2R's Tuleva Cube and our Metricell SmartTools solution to provide continuous network performance insights and analysis.

To begin with, Metricell will deliver 112 Beacons, which are to be installed at 56 Low-Income Housing Programme areas located in the Klang Valley of Malaysia. There is a potential for the project to be expanded through more locations, and for the technology to be adopted by other government departments (e.g. Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education).

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