5th April 2022

GEO Business – 18th May 2022

Metricell are very excited to be attending and giving a talk at this year’s GEO Business 2022 event, where our Key Account Manager, Germaine Dowling will be talking about the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) pilot and how geospatial data can bridge the digital divide.

The Digital Divide has become increasingly more prominent over the past couple of years with increased dependency on access to the internet, whether it be for working from home, accessing online services such as medical appointments, or home schooling due to Covid-19.

Our aim is to address these issues by helping to speed up the deployment of 4G and 5G mobile network infrastructure via the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s DCIA Pilot, which Metricell and West Sussex County Council are one of eight successful partnerships awarded the tender.

Come and join us to learn more about the pilot, what the key challenges are and how we aim to help deliver connectivity via the new digital asset management project. Email us on marketing@metricell.com to arrange a meeting.

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