21st July 2021

Why 5G and Private Networks are securing business continuity

In the wake of COVID-19, it has become increasingly apparent for businesses the importance of connectivity and business continuity. For teams to be able to communicate and conduct business as usual, no matter where they might be based, there is an increasing demand/recognition that their network needs to withstand a much higher pressure and prove effective against things such as loss of data, being hacked or interruption to their service.

Over the past year or so, the 5G promises have been covering everything from autonomous cars to augmented reality applications as part of the next generation of consumer connectivity and entertainment. The case for business is also compelling with one of the most interesting aspects being not just how organisations can utilise 5G networks, but how they can build their own private in-house network.  

While the adoption of private 5G networks is still in their infancy, there is absolutely no doubt that the market for growth is enormous, with industries such as manufacturing, mining and transportation all at the forefront of this movement, ready to reap the rewards it can offer. Whilst everyone would like a slice of this soon-to-be lucrative pie, the larger operators such as Ericsson and Nokia are already out there offering private network solutions to the enterprise markets.

With all this in mind, what does a dedicated 5G private network really mean for businesses?

It means they can reply on a higher level of security for their business needs, and the reassurance of owning their own data. The flexibility and support of an increased demand for higher capacity and application speeds, the Internet of Things, industrial automation capabilities and technological advancements. Having a network that can fully support and sustain these heavy demands is crucial for them, and therefore fuelling the private network race.

Despite these advantages, businesses are likely to face the same needs for performance insight that network operators need today, especially as the responsibility for service management and maintenance operations will arrive in-house along with the network.

Metricell not only provides your business with near real-time performance insights into your telecommunications, we also have the capability to help organisations plan and implement their own 5G private networks, ensuring every stage of the process is project managed and bespoke to your business needs.

Our Beacon solution offers users the ability to monitor their network experience at any given key location, whilst our Surveyor application can help plot collected user data across floor plans and building graphics, which in turn helps stakeholders in charge of networking and operations to continually improve their network connectivity and infrastructure across their office space.

To learn more about how we can help your business get better connected, let us know a few details on our contact form and we will be in touch soon. Alternatively, send us an email at marketing@metricell.com.

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