18th May 2022

Our Fundraising Event of the Year: The Centurion Challenge!

It is exactly one month until the Metricell Centurion Challenge takes place and I thought now would be an ideal time to write this piece to explain why Metricell undertaking this challenge.  

What is it?

Metricell’s Centurion Challenge will see a selection of brave Metricell Employees undertake a gruelling 100km hike across the South Downs Way and Downs Link, all in the name of charity. Starting at Old Winchester Hill, the group will traverse the stunning South Downs national park covering undulating hills, picturesque towns and rugged landscapes before concluding at The Big Blue (Metricell HQ). Along the way there will be highs and lows (pun intended) both mentally and physically in what will be an extreme test of endurance for everyone involved, including the support team. How do you make this already impossible challenge even more difficult: aim to complete it in under 24 hours.

Why Are We Doing It?

This is the most common question that I have been asked since the challenge was announced and I would like to take the opportunity to answer it from two perspectives. Firstly, from a Metricell perspective, we take pride in supporting local, deserving charitable causes. Over the past few years, we have undertaken and completed a number of physical challenges, raising thousands of pounds in the process to support causes that are close to both our values and our hearts. Starting with the London to Brighton Bike Ride in 2018, Tough Mudder in 2019 and then the 3 Peaks Challenge last year, we have conquered increasingly difficult challenges all in the name of helping those less fortunate than ourselves and that is something we can all be proud of. The Centurion Challenge represents the next obstacle for Metricell to overcome to continue this tradition of giving back to our local community.

The second perspective is a personal one. The easiest answer to provide is “why not”, but that’s a rubbish response and doesn’t actually explain anything. So here is the real reason. I was lucky enough to participate in the 3 Peaks Challenge last year and that entire weekend is something that I am incredibly fond of, from the actual activity to the people that I shared it with. Summiting Ben Nevis gave me a real sense of achievement and that is not something that I have experienced all that often on a physical level: those that know me know that I love my PlayStation and collecting platinum trophies. 3 Peaks gave me a different sense of achievement which is something that I want to experience again but also, potentially most importantly, focussed my competitiveness on physical activity. I view the Centurion Challenge as exactly that: a challenge. Something to conquer, something to achieve, something to beat and also an opportunity to raise some much needed money for our chosen charities.

How Can People Get Involved?

There are multiple ways for people to get involved in the Centurion Challenge. We welcome anyone (including friends and family) who wishes to join us along the route for any distance whether that be 1, 5, 10 or even 20km. Alternatively, you can join the support team at one of the checkpoints along the route. However, perhaps the most important way you can get involved is to contribute to Metricell’s donation page and support these worthy causes.

See you on the 18th/19th June.

Click here to learn more about our charities and to donate!

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