25th February 2021

Proactive Service Improvement & Management for Enterprise Customers

It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly turning to mobile to support workforces with a continually diversifying range of considerations – whether due to lockdown restrictions, flexible working arrangements, or business travel requirements. This trend is set to continue as businesses supply their employees with mobile devices to support their needs. Some recent research from the EU shows that 57% of employees in Sweden are now supplied with a corporate mobile phone with a number of large EU member states not far behind.

With this dependency set to continue growing for both employee mobility and the demands of the physical corporate facilities, operators need to ensure they are providing a strong service to keep these customers retained. With growing competition from other providers and emerging capabilities for the deployment of private networks within corporate real estate, it is imperative that operator teams have the insight they need to proactively manage enterprise mobile needs.

As well as serving over 80 million subscribers across Russia, Belarus and Armenia, MTS enjoy a wide portfolio of corporate accounts across a variety of industries. MTS recognised the need for this insight and looked to gain proactive monitoring capabilities to continue building a positive relationship with these accounts.

Our Beacon and AutoMobile solutions are helping MTS to:

• Pinpoint times of day where office locations experienced signal drops

• Identify sections of roads with low support for conference calls and other mobile activities conducted by VIP clients

• Ensure compliance with SLAs and implementing Beacons for investigating and monitoring any areas of complaint

For more information, request a copy of our case study here.

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