27th March 2020

Our Pledge to Operators Around the World

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation as a global society. The ramifications of the spread of Covid-19 has been hard to predict and even harder to react to, as the speed of the virus and the required reactions to it increase their grip on our day-to-day lives.

With more people staying at home as workplaces, schools and shops close their doors, the resulting demand on both fixed and mobile internet services has been immense. Vodafone recently reported a 50% rise in internet use in some European countries as more people pick up videoconferencing, working online with colleagues or streaming and gaming to pass the time.

Outside of the needs of work and entertainment, many are separated from their loved ones and physical visits have needed to give way to Skype calls in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

For practically all of us, connectivity has become even more precious than it was and consumers are rightfully worried about any issues which may affect their service.  

Contact centres are no different from any other business and are subsequently facing the same strains on their work forces. With this in mind, we want to help reduce the call traffic coming into the operation by providing operators with a free, light version of our Service Checker API for rapid implementation into existing service channels.

This provides a digital route to live network status information which subscribers can use via websites or applications and allows them to check live network status in any location, report problems and subscribe for automated updates.

This can rapidly improve crucial KPIs, such as PTC, as network-related traffic is diverted away from the call centre. The capability can also be supplied as an iFrame for rapid deployment and can be live on your service channels in just a matter of weeks.

We’re working hard to support our customers and their operations throughout this uncertain period and we’re here to help you too.

Get in touch with us here and we will happily send you some more information on Service Checker and discuss how to get you started.

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