22nd November 2021

Geospatial Intelligence: Why tool consolidation is a business no-brainer

I think it’s fair to say that since 2020 and the mass migration of home working began, the online demand for connectivity has grown exponentially, with IT teams scrambling to create new and extensive infrastructure to span the adoption of newly formed hybrid workforces.

With all of the extra network demands, this has in-turn fuelled businesses to look at what other tool sets they can adopt or integrate into their existing infrastructure. But the problem with this means that multiple tools can be very expensive, and will not always integrate in the most efficient and effective way, meaning that data collection and sharing can be fragmented, slow and therefore create difficulties when reporting problems.

EMA’s Network Management Megatrends 2020 report shows that a staggering amount of businesses, (nearly two thirds) have indicated they use between four and ten tools for their network management needs, and around 17% admit to using more than ten, and that number could indeed be much higher for some.

A fully integrated, unified tool strategy is the key aspiration for many companies, but how to go about achieving this is the million-dollar question.

With the digital transformation wave, more people working from home and the forever growing Internet of Things, it’s no surprise to hear that organisations are now starting to catch-on and are prioritising the reduction of their network management solutions. A fully integrated, unified tool strategy is the key aspiration for many companies, but how to go about achieving this is the million-dollar question.

This is where Metricell’s web-based, network visualisation suite, SmartTools can help. SmartTools is composed of four distinct offerings, designed to help with a range of use cases across customer care, engineering, network planning, optimisation and management reporting.

SmartTools provides a highly scalable, easy-to-use solution for all of your network intelligence needs, across a wide range of markets. Businesses can have the ability to boost their team collaboration by the sharing of critical data analysis and reporting functionality, gaining far greater business insights with faster decision making.

Better integration and a unified tool strategy provide companies with a more customisable experience when it comes to network management, allowing for improved workflows and efficiencies. Some of the benefits that comes with using SmartTools are:

Data aggregation - Metricell solutions aggregate a huge range of information allowing users to drill down and interact with the most detailed level of data.

Dashboards creation - Besides proposing standard dashboards, new capabilities enable users to create their own visualisations. Quickly gaining access to the right data and sharing it amongst peers, managers and others team members.

Scalability - Data scale and complexity will not be a concern as your solution grows. Access all of your data regardless of size, location or shape.

Discovery of hidden information - Hidden information is the one benefit which adds most value to the business. Take advantage of the market, gain competitive advantage and improve your revenue streams.

SmartTools can be easily adopted by any business looking to capitalise, automate and consolidate their network management tool sets, from executives to analysts, meaning the hunt for the next network tool is now over.

To gain more detailed insight into SmartTools or if you’d like a free demo, get in touch with us at marketing@metricell.com.

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