21st November 2022

Critical Communications On A Global Scale

The mission critical communications market is set to rise on a global scale, hitting $27.87Bn by the end of 2028 according to Premium Report by The Insight Partners. There are many factors of course helping this along, including some of the specific market segments such as manufacturing, utilities, mining and transportation. Large amounts of data is all helping drive new technologies and capabilities within these markets, therefore fuelling the demand for mission critical comms.

With many countries still tied into using the legacy TETRA technology, Norway being one of them, who use TETRA (named Nødnett) for their emergency services units are in the midst of trying to replace this inefficient technology with a broadband-based communications system and moving more towards private network deployments. But some of the key challenges and decisions which will need addressing is how their emergency services network will be maintained, and of course transitioned across to a more commercial model, whereby network operators and partner companies can ensure a joined-up approach, implementing a 24/7, resilient and seamless mission critical communications system.

Meanwhile in Canada right now The Canadian Public Safety Broadband Network Innovation Alliance (PIA) has announced its membership of TCCA (The Critical Communications Association). This alliance has issued a statement confirming it has established the country’s first dedicated public safety broadband network, with coverage that boasts more than 2.5 million residents in Ontario. This has proved to be extremely beneficial for first responders and public safety organisations in Canada, leading the way and providing personnel with the critical communications and network coverage they need in-order to perform lifesaving key roles.

As technology progresses, we strive to ensure communications do the same, ensuring the safe-guarding of our communities and the people who live in more remote locations who must also have the capability to make mobile 999 calls, whilst having adequate network access to gain essential healthcare services, which otherwise might be unobtainable due to network not-spots or service degradation.

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) is vital to first responders and the provision of access to time-critical, life-saving information when and where they need it the most. Healthcare providers are continuing to move towards a mobile-first strategy across the UK, meaning mobile connections and patient records all needing digital services and mobile coverage to help support this initiative. ESN aims to deliver a secure and resilient mission critical communications system, enabling emergency services to collaborate more closely for the sharing of data.

Back in the UK Metricell support the UK Home Office with the roll out of the new Emergency Services Network. This critical communications system is a Home Office led, cross-government initiative, aimed at delivering high-speed, safe and secure voice and data across a 4G network. The UK’s Emergency Services Network will be the new communication system used by the all main emergency services and other public safety users in the UK. By enabling Metricell’s leading network intelligence solutions, identification of network performance issues and bad coverage areas can be highlighted and therefore targeted for optimisation.

Find out more here about how we can help support the emergency services and become Better Connected on a global scale.

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