9th June 2020

Connecting Remote Teams Through Collaboration and Communication

Connecting Remote Teams Through Collaboration and Communication

As a result of the pandemic, it seems likely we’ll see an increasingly hybridised operational model for employees involving both flexible working hours and flexible working spaces which may be nothing new for some, but very different for others. Efficient access to information is crucial whether you’re situated in the office or working remotely. Slow access to data often results in more meetings, more unnecessary requests between departments and a negative impact on overall productivity.

To make a good working experience as seamless as possible, businesses need to provide the right systems to ensure they can gain positive results from the ‘new normal’. The more these capabilities can offer in terms of collaboration, automation, centralisation and ease of use, the more value they can bring to the business. Previously, these tools may have been seen as a nice to have, but now they will be essential to ensure they can support the ever-changing ways in which we work throughout 2020 and beyond.

Businesses and employees can gain huge benefits through the proactive adoption of tools which support flexible workers. Recent research findings show that home workers can save anywhere from $4000-$7000 per year while contributing an additional 240 hours annually in addition to their contracted commitment. Whilst these figures are attractive, they can only fully be realised when employees can work in a way which involves little or no access to their company’s office and their working time is utilised as efficiently as possible.

Web-based software such as SmartTools can help to support remote teams by centralising and presenting a wealth of data within a single interface accessible for anyone who needs it. Not only does this help to provide a range of teams with information they rely on (such as performance, coverage, crowd and more) but serves to ensure everyone is using the most representative data possible.

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