12th August 2020

Are Your Maps Keeping You On The Road to Efficiency?

For many websites, applications and programs, the map is the most crucial component of the interface. When we think of just how many times we use digital maps, within everything from package trackers to shop/restaurant finders, we can start to see how lucrative the provision of this capability can be. No more so than for Google, who currently enjoy a 92.3% share of the web mapping market.

In June 2018, Google made a transformative change to a pay-as-you-go pricing model for their Maps service. This has helped them monetise the service tremendously with Morgan Stanley estimating $2.95bn revenue from Maps in 2019, growing to a potential $11bn by 2023. It’s undoubtedly helped grow Google’s profits, but businesses and developers are starting to question if this value flows both ways.

The capabilities available from Google Maps is undoubtedly very powerful but the geospatial presentation needs of the business can range from the simple, to the complex. Even if your map requirements are reasonably lightweight, simply serving a high number of users could mean you’re soon paying a premium regardless of how many features you’re using.    

A great example of this problem is the Polish-based pharmaceutical start-up, GdziePolek. The company has developed an app which helps people find specific pharmaceutical outlets which have current stocks of a medicine, drug or remedy the user wishes to procure.  As their user base grew, they quickly found they had exceeded the existing free limit of calls to the Maps API.

This resulted in a 14x rise in their monthly fees and a near 30x reduction to their previous free use limit. This left them facing a monthly bill for Google Maps far higher than any other aspect of their operational costs, including the entire infrastructure. This naturally lead them to look for alternative providers of their maps more in tune with their needs and financial context.

Metricell is working with network operators, enterprises and government functions to provide an alternative route. Drawing on a wealth of experience with web-based geospatial software, we’re pleased to provide a range of easily customisable maps for any number of use cases. With MetriMaps, you can present just the information you need, via the interfaces you require, styled according to the needs of your brand. Save money and get a map that’s tailored for you…not just for your provider.  

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