11th February 2022

Apprenticeships and Serving the Local Community

Hi, I’m Ellie, a 22-year-old Digital Marketing Apprentice at Metricell. Having just celebrated my first year at the company, I have now had time to reflect on my apprenticeship experience and how the year 2020 made an impact on everyone.

I began my apprenticeship with Metricell in 2021, and on the evening of my first day at the office, the 2nd lockdown was announced. So, in accordance with the Government guidelines and regulations, we were all working from home, with all meetings and conversations accommodated online, which can potentially be quite isolating, but Metricell’s working from home plan seemed to work well for everyone.

Metricell introduced a range of staff social activities I could join, such as the ‘Get Fit Jan’ scheme. I found these events invaluable for building social relationships as I had never met any of my colleagues before. The scheme allows staff to join in (virtually) with many healthy and fun activities such as: Couch to 5K, Pilates, Self-Defence and a personal favourite… Zumba. Online groups were made for these events so we could all share our experiences and spur one another on to keep going, it created a great sense of camaraderie. Metricell believe in looking after their staff and giving back to the local community, therefore a series of charity events were planned over the lockdown period, events which included: Virtual quizzes, a silent auction and a virtual horse racing afternoon.

I feel apprenticeships can bring a fresh approach to the workplace, with a willingness to learn, bringing new ideas to the table and a fresh insight that others may not have considered before. At Metricell this concept couldn’t be more valued. As an apprentice I have been truly embraced into my team, given the freedom to air my own opinions and encouraged to ask questions which can result in great collaborations. With the emphasis on being better connected, there is no surprise that Metricell are keen enthusiasts on local apprenticeships and student placements, working closely with local college’s such as Collyer’s in Horsham.

Working in the telecommunications sector gives you the rare and insightful opportunity to learn more about the technology we use in our everyday life. Metricell resides in both the technology and telecoms industry, therefore the opportunity to work for us isn’t limited to developer and programmer roles. We employ a large range of roles including graphic designers, HR experts, project managers and marketing professionals. Career development is within reach for any employee, no matter what their role might be.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship position, please visit our careers page today!

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