Version 3

Having specialised in GIS solutions for over 14 years, the latest iteration of SmartTools brings a range of new features to our flagship software suite.

Control Everything From One Application

With hundreds of new features SmartTools is the only GIS Solution you'll ever need.

The next generation of SmartTools has been redesigned with user preferences and emerging business needs in mind. Utilising dark theme maps, new capabilities for communication, enhanced data layers and a new reporting dashboard empowering customised analytics.

With SmartTools you can integrate large amounts of data from different sources including: radio planning, performance management, fault management, change management, drive tests, crowdsourcing, estate management, and much more.

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Collaboration is at the heart of SmartTools

With new features for remote workers, SmartTools is designed to keep teams connected.

Increasingly disparate work forces and the ever-changing nature of our global situation has made remote working systems all the more necessary for teams around the world. SmartTools is entirely web-based and offers a range of features to empower collaborative teams to work together with instant messaging, view sharing, group management and more.

Our experience with the integration of large and varied data sets means everyone can access the latest information and work together, whether in the office, in the field, or working from home. SmartTools takes in feeds from all these third party systems and so acts as the one source for all your network information.

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Stunning New Visuals

Customise to suit your needs.

SmartTools post processes and enriches the data received, and provides northbound interfaces into other tools and systems such as data lakes.

Our interfaces are designed with a high degree of flexibility and customisation options. Our mapping solutions can be tailored to the needs of your teams and use cases to show just the data you want; within the geographical context you need. Show only roads, buildings, transport routes or other elements and modify the look and feel of the base maps to suit a wide range of both public and internal end users.

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why our customers love SmartTools

We value our customers feedback and continuously look for ways to improve. We’ve compiled real feedback from hundreds of users about what makes SmartTools so great.

Efficient, fast and intuitiveData completeness and comprehensive detail. All information in one place.Excellent SupportContinuous updates, improvements & new features. Easy to access via any browser.Real-time visibility. Captures real customer experience.Layer multiple data feeds over GIS. Great visualisation, easy to use and navigate.

Who We Integrate With

SmartTools integrates with many other platforms, enabling you to bring all third party systems into a centralised view, saving user time as well as giving the ability to cross-correlate data and see the complete picture. Integrations include: Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, IBM, Nokia, Ookla, RootMetrics, Teoco and Xerox.

New Features Include:

Dashboard Builder
Impact Analysis
Feature Requests
Data Exporter
Custom Maps
Service Desk
Dual Maps
Statistical Confidence
New Technologies
3D View
Favourite Layers
Area Summary

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