23 January 2020

Why Enterprise Business Needs Greater Insight into Mobile Service

Good telecommunications service in enterprises is becoming increasingly vital as more and more business operations come to rely on mobile connectivity. Wireless internet has become embedded into the DNA of today’s working culture. As distributed workforces and remote workers start to become the norm, the highest standards of communication and collaboration are crucial for good business practice.  

Mobile internet use cases are growing, but so too is our dependency on this service. At any point during the day, businesses will be holding video conferences with colleagues worldwide, processing payments from customers, and collaborating simultaneously in the cloud. Back-office functions such as the submission of expense claims increasingly use mobile networks to streamline their processes. Oil and gas companies alongside large automotive plants are looking to the mobile network to manage complex IoT data feeds from sensors and machines with a wide variety of connected needs.  

Problems effecting service or causing insufficient coverage have the potential to halt day-to-day operations, harming either profit, operations or both. Drops in service result in lost customers, a decrease in staff productivity or missed deadlines. In the public transport sector, services place a heavy reliance on the mobile network in order to operate. Lack of information communicated on real-time public notice boards can have the knock-on effect of service delays and disruptions at terminals and bus stops.  

The impact of poor connectivity was highlighted recently for some florists in the UK when an internet disruption occurred just days before Mother’s Day. Consequently, without essential network access, no orders could be taken or processed during one of the busiest periods of the year. This is just one example of how crucial network provision is to the continued growth of the economy. Fixed and mobile communication networks have a proven, direct link with inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Better connected firms are more equipped to restructure and reshape business processes, improving goods and services sold.  

What can businesses do to protect this resource? It all comes down to visibility, monitoring and continual assurance of service provision against evolving business needs. Procurement teams and technology leads have to remain aware of service experience and ensure they have the correct provider for their needs. Good network coverage is crucial to productivity and a service-differentiating level of performance can help businesses gain more agility - and a potential edge in today’s competitive markets.  

Recently, a leading communications provider has adopted Metricell’s Beacon technology at their corporate headquarters to get a better understanding of their telecommunications service in real-time. The technology will help the stakeholders in charge of networking and operations continually improve infrastructure across their headquarters. The 37,700 square metre office is home to over 5,000 employees, who now have direct access to a range of mission-critical network KPIs.

Utilising this data places our client in a stronger position, helping them identify whether they need to assess competing service offerings from other operators, or look towards other enhancements, such as the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots, picocells or bespoke distributed antenna systems.  

We specialise in helping large businesses get Better Connected through the provision of user-friendly yet powerful testing solutions to continually monitor and plan around ever-evolving network needs.  

Get more information about Beacon today.  

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