1st May 2020

Keeping Testing Going During Times of Restricted Mobility

Test and measurement strategies rarely depend on a single stream of data. Operators are increasingly realising that correlating of numerous technical and experience-focused testing types is key to understanding end-to-end network performance. Drive test data remains a key source of information for a number of crucial network activities but is currently facing unprecedented restrictions.

Engineering teams are under the same pressure on their workforce and mobility as other businesses and knowing where and what to prioritise is key. With the importance of connectivity at an all-time high during the pandemic, gaining the data needed to diagnose issues and continually improve subscriber experience has never been more pressing. Not just in terms of overall network performance, but also to understand how subscriber behaviour is changing under the circumstances.

The adoption of crowd data into the data ecosystem can be highly beneficial in this instance. Operators are likely using a range of crowd data sources in their processes already but there’s a lot to be said for deploying your own crowd strategy.

Through a simple update to existing mobile applications, such as account management or entertainment applications, you can open up an invisible stream of anonymous experience information directly from subscriber devices. When aggregated at a national level, and used alongside a wealth of other network data, you can gain a powerful platform to inform your strategies and understand how-best to continually improve experience in-line with ever-changing needs.  

Metricell’s crowdsourcing capabilities are here to help you negotiate current testing challenges and provides a fast, lightweight and resource-efficient route to enriching the understanding of end user network experience throughout the lockdown and beyond.

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