8th September 2022

How To Ensure 24/7 Network Quality Assurance

Don’t let network disruption hold your business back

Why is it when we talk about business continuity, we don’t hear the word ‘connectivity’? Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do, how we interact with others, how we run our businesses and even how we handle our own personal daily activities. If we don’t look after our connectivity now, we open the door to all sorts of IT vulnerabilities, risks and attacks, and this should sit firmly within any organisations planning and continuity management. Being post pandemic, most businesses are still expected to operate business as usual either from the comfort of their own home, on the go or from inside their offices. Being fully connected on multiple platforms and devices is a must in today’s climate, and business continuity demands a stable and fast network connection, with quality assurance front and centre!

What does a network outage really mean for your business?

Network outages are hardly an uncommon occurrence and happen more regularly than we would like. We all hear about the larger outages across social media and news outlets, where individuals and businesses are brought to their knees when their network fails to deliver. The fact is that networks can be highly complicated and when they do fail it can take any number of days or even longer to resolve, especially in the more rural and remote areas. And they can fail for any number of reasons, such as bad weather events, local construction impact or cyber-attacks.

A new Opinium survey, commissioned by Uswitch consisting of 4,000 UK adults, has claimed that almost 11 million consumers have experienced broadband outages of 3 or more hours throughout last year, halting 16% of people working from home. The knock-on effect of these network outages means that the economy took a rather large hit of £1.28bn.

Out of many of the large operator outages, Vodafone was one of the many who came under fire back in August 2020 when their network services went down for two hours, creating many unhappy customers who took to Twitter reporting they were unable to use their 4G or 5G connections and some not able to make calls. At the height of the problem, some 3,000 customers were affected. And this July, one of the largest Canadian mobile and internet operators reported suffering a major outage where even some governmental operations were affected, such as mobile users not being able to call into the emergency services.

With the digital age and the undeniable basic need for connectivity, it is little wonder that enterprise and their risk management need to consider network outages as one of their top tier priorities.

So how can you help protect your network?

In a world of connected things and digital workplaces, network service assurance has never been more important, and maintaining a strong network experience for users and businesses no matter where you are or what kind of IT requirements you have is absolutely vital. In the wake of COVID-19, it has become increasingly apparent for businesses the importance of connectivity and business continuity. Smart Cities and select industries are already implementing private networks and IOT solutions in-order to help accommodate new technologies and aid interoperability.

This is why Metricells Beacon solution allows private enterprises to continuously monitor and analyse their mobile, fixed and private network performance and receive alerts whenever there's an outage or degraded coverage, voice or data experience.

Units are based on commercial off-the-shelf Android smartphones, which closely replicate user behaviours in-order to quickly identify whenever there's an issue on the network - impacting your workforce, your customers or your machines. Other use cases include the ability to monitor power supply and potential infrastructure outages.

Visit our website today to learn more about how you can protect your business and proactively ensure network management and assurance 24/7.

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