7th February 2022

Discover how data monetisation and do-it-yourself crowdsourcing is helping to grow operator revenues

Big data and crowdsourcing is not exactly a new topic for the telco industry, but the drive for adoption is only just getting started. The emergence of big data is an opportunity too rich to miss for most CSPs, although it does present its own set of challenges, which is hardly surprising really given the magnitude and cluttered space of data solutions, platforms and analytics available. Knowing where to begin, which markets to go after or use-cases to help solve is an enormous dilemma.

Data monetisation and valuable business insights for CSPs is generally undertaken in two different ways.

• Internal monetisation:  The utilisation of data to help with internal business processes, the allocation of correct resources in the right departments, reducing costs and provide differentiated service offerings to customers. CSPs are typically more familiar with this type of monetisation activity.

• External monetisation: Data is collected, analysed and sold for specific market use-cases such as finance, retail or transport. Analytical platforms have also been formulated for external monetisation purposes.

Other challenges in regards to data collection which have also come to light since 2021 are the new privacy regulations, which basically means Google are demanding a higher justification for background data collection from mobile apps, and users may also choose to turn these services off themselves, making third party data collection even harder and troublesome to manoeuvre around.

In order to avoid some of the difficulties around third party crowdsourcing, operators can look to implement their own do-it-yourself approach by integrating a lightweight SDK into their existing mobile applications whilst remaining fully compliant within the required GDPR guidelines, and most importantly maintaining complete ownership of their collected data.

CSPs understand the need to capitalise on data monetisation, but providing the correct internal resources in order to help support these additional efforts can prove challenging, which is why CSPs look for help via new technology partnerships, vendors or even strengthening their own internal business structures for a dedicated focus on creating new revenue streams.

We work with our customers to provide a fast, flexible and fully automated process which allows them to bring crowd initiatives into a controlled and reliable ecosystem. Our Aptus capability is simple to integrate into the apps of network operators and will automatically transmit anonymous customer experience information straight to the cloud, creating instant value, the opportunity to target new revenue streams and growth in the areas they need it most.

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