18th April 2023

Data Speed & Coverage Testing Applications - Keeping Us Connected at Home

For home workers, connectivity is the key to productivity and success. It enables them to access the tools and resources they need to complete their work, collaborate with their team members, and communicate with their clients or customers. A slow or unreliable internet connection can significantly impact their ability to work, leading to delays, frustration, and lost productivity.

Moreover, since the pandemic made it necessary for many people to work from home, this trend is likely to continue now that businesses have had the time to assess whether the hybrid working model is right for their business or not. This means that home workers will continue to strongly rely on their internet connection to stay connected with their colleagues and clients. A reliable and fast internet connection is now not just a convenience, but a necessity.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 20-40% of working adults have worked from home throughout the year of 2022.

How can data speed and coverage testing applications help?

Testing apps are an effective tool for home workers who want to measure their own coverage and data performance, helping to ensure they have the necessary connection speeds to carry out their work effectively. These apps measure how strong your mobile and Wi-Fi coverage is at specific locations and will also provide you with a detailed report of your upload and download speeds, latency, and many more useful metrics.

There are many benefits to using a testing app, such as:

1.       Identifying Connection Problems: Testing apps can help identify if there are any problems with your internet connection and some will even help you identify the exact areas where problems are more likely to occur.

2.       Ensuring Quality of Service: For home workers, a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial to maintain the quality of their work. Testing apps can help ensure that their internet connection meets the minimum speeds required for video conferencing ,file sharing, and other work-related activities.

3.       Comparing Providers: If you are not satisfied with your current internet service provider, testing apps can help you compare providers and find one that offers faster and more reliable speeds.

4.       Monitoring Performance: By regularly testing your internet speed and coverage signal, you can monitor the performance of your experience over time. This can help you identify patterns of poor performance and take steps to address them with the internet service provider (and maybe even push for money off the bill!).

Metricell’s newly launched Android application, Surveyor, enables users to conduct a range of network coverage and speed tests, providing valuable insights into real-time coverage, internet speed and predicted performance on popular video streaming and social media applications.

Surveyor is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and customise. Providing everything needed to analyse and visualise network connectivity, at home and across key transport routes.

You can now access Surveyor by downloading it from the Google Play Store. We encourage you to try it out and provide your feedback by leaving a review. To learn more about Surveyor, visit our website or reach out to our team for further assistance.

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