Autonomous Network Status API

Status Checker

Status Checker enables end customers to self-serve their network related complaints, reducing traffic going to the contact centre. This digital solution can be integrated across any touchpoint including: Website, IVR, Mobile App and Chatbot to name a few ensuring that your customers (or the public consumer) receive a consistent message, no matter which option they use to make contact.

Using the latest available information, the customer will be able to query the status of their expected service at a defined location and receive immediate feedback.

Use Status Checker to:

  • Provide timely and accurate information to customers during a national, regional or site based outage.

  • Empower all customers to self-serve and sign-up to location specific updates.

  • Reduce the load on the contact centre and the need for technical escalations.

  • Differentiate from your competition by becoming more transparent with your customer base.

  • Utilise the data to understand emerging problems, impacting customers, but hidden within the network stats.

Feature Overview:

  • Customer self-service checking capability to understand the expected real-time experience.

  • Integration across any required voice and digital communication touchpoints.

  • Automatic updates to proactively inform customers based on their own defined places.

  • Flexible search terms, functions and enrichment available based on local conditions and data sources.

  • Seamless deployment in-line with your security, designs and processes.

Customer Service for MVNOs

Whilst MVNOs may not share the same responsibilities as fixed or mobile operators in terms of infrastructure management, their needs for strong insight into network performance and experience are crucial to support the attraction and retention needs of the business.

MVNOs can benefit from a range of digital contact centre capabilities we provide which are proven to make fast improvements for both customer service experience and operational metrics.

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