13th January 2020

Sky UK Adopts Metricell’s Service Assurance Technology at Their Corporate HQ

Wanting to get a better understanding of the real-time telecommunications service provided to their Isleworth HQ, Sky have decided to deploy Metricell’s Enterprise Service Assurance offering.

The technology will help the stakeholders in charge of building service provision continually improve their infrastructure across their national HQ in Isleworth. Their campus is home to over 5,000 Sky employees as well as their 37,700 square metre office where they will now have direct access to a range of mission-critical network KPIs.

Based on Metricell’s Beacon technology, the real-time monitoring devices will be replicating typical user behaviour, such as making voice calls, uploading and downloading data. All results will be accessible via Metricell’s UK hosted SmartTools platform and for the first time, provide Sky with insights into voice, coverage and data experience that their employees rely upon day-in-day-out.

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