24th April 2019

New Crowdsourcing Project with Nextel Brazil

New Crowdsourcing Project with Nextel Brazil

Metricell have completed a new project with Brazilian network operator, Nextel, to enhance their “MyNextel” account management application with new crowdsourcing functionality. This lightweight and invisible addition to the application now means that over a million app users can help Nextel gain greater insight into network performance across Brazil through the collection of anonymous usage and performance data uploaded directly from the customer’s devices.

To maximise the business value of this new data, Nextel will use Metricell’s web-based SmartTools visualisation software which presents the experience information within views such as popular app performance to help place subscriber experience within a network context. This allows a variety of departments, from engineers to customer care teams, see localised and subscriber-centric information on performance across their territory such as areas of no service, low throughput zones, locations with low signal strength, demographics of high Wi-Fi use, and more. These capabilities will assist Nextel in their mission to provide an ever-increasing level of service quality for their customers through the identification of key priorities for network investment and optimisation.

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