Internet of Things

Networks of connected smart devices that communicate seamlessly are transforming how we live and work. With new technologies unlocking new use cases, Metricell are on the forefront of network testing, measurement and assurance.

IoT in education


IoT in schools, colleges and universities means a better connected and more collaborative academic experience. Smart devices give students better access to learning materials, communication channels, and allows teachers to measure student progress in real-time.

In education, IoT devices enable students to pay for services in campus buildings or borrow books or hardware from the school. They can also be used to monitor environmental factors like temperature and air quality, ensuring that academic settings comply with the World Health Organization’s policies on providing healthy environments in schools.

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IoT enables retailers more ways to establish connections with their customers. IoT can be used for customer experience optimisation but aiding in the customer journey, improve the process of product maintenance, and ultimately build long lasting bonds with shoppers.

Sensors can monitor customer satisfaction, store foot fall, provide supply chain insights, monitor safety, and track assets.

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IoT in retail
IoT and transport


IoT enabled technology is changing the way the transportation sector operates, with sensors and real-time notice boards providing up to date information on scheduled departures and arrivals.

Travellers benefit from IoT when using tap-to-pay for their journey, using apps to check which section of their train has available seats, and receiving notifications on disruption to services.

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Clinical outcomes and patient safety can be improved with IoT enabled technology. These devices enable healthcare professionals to be more connected to their patients. Sensors can be used in medical equipment like wheelchairs, defibrillators, oxygen pumps, and much more.

IoT devices streamline processes and enable healthcare workers to complete tasks in a timely manner ultimately leading to more efficient healthcare.

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IoT and hospitals

What we can do for you

Location Testing & Monitoring

Gain detailed understanding for how your key locations are served by the network. Automated monitoring continually monitors service 24/7.

App-based surveying to enable detailed in-building testing across different rooms, floors, etc.

Gain the insight you need to make cost-efficient decisions on improvement works.

Drive & Crowd Insight

Drive testing projects for public transport routes on trains and buses can be initiated quickly and efficiently with user-friendly AutoMobile devices.

Update any mobile applications, whether internal or public-facing, with a compliant and fully anonymous route to crowdsourced experience insight.

Any third party crowd data you have in your systems can be integrated and visualised via our web-based software allowing more departments to gain value from the data.

Automated Reporting

Automated dashboards for a range of customisable reporting purposes and real-time insight.

Benchmarking of network performance through crowdsourced data analysis.

See all social media posts and gain the ability to understand public sentiment about projects, initiatives, etc.

Realise the Potential of your IoT devices

Testing communication behaviour of IoT devices is a necessity for ensuring their connectivity, power, security and manageability. Metricell are trusted for the deliverance of accurate network testing, in real-time. Fill in the form below to see how we can help you!

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“We’re immensely pleased to be working with Metricell on a new initiative to help monitor and continually improve the service received by our customers. Thanks to the efficiency of Metricell’s In-Building monitoring solutions, we are able to rapidly gain a live picture in and around key corporate offices and understand where to optimise the network for the maximum improvement in service.”
"We were able to understand for the first time where customers were having real coverage and service problems at home locations. We are looking at options to improve their home coverage now."
"The Metricell team has worked closely with our team at every step of the way… We congratulate them for their commitment, proactive approach and professional delivery."
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