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From missing an important call from a colleague, to having issues accepting in-store mobile payments, connectivity is crucial to a range of business needs. Ramifications of poor service can result in a loss of revenue, productivity and reputation, with nearly 50% of UK businesses affected each year.  

Our solutions help provide insight into the locations most important for business from the high street to corporate headquarters. Whether you need to improve in-building service, or plan for the next generation of connectivity requirements, we’re here to help.


Where mobile technology was once used only outside the availability of a landline, people now expect a seamless experience regardless of their location. This has posed a huge challenge for the mobile industry as they look to optimise their networks in-line with this need.

Sky utilises Metricell's Beacons to measure network performance KPIs for their corporate contract provider. Their In-Building Solutions team who are responsible for maintaining network connectivity had no means to measure this as the operator would not provide the information. 30 beacons across their campus allows for 2G/3G/4G Voice, Download/Upload, Signal Strength and Ping tests to measure the network performance. This was reported into their SmartTools platform where they could view connectivity and assure that this was meeting levels outlined in their SLA.
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Our tools for both monitoring and assessment help businesses gain the insight they need to assure quality service for their needs.

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Our intuitive web-based interfaces provide real time insight into mobile performance with automated reporting and alarms for any drops in service levels.

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Our Consulting team can work with you to implement cost efficient improvement solutions for your key locations as well as plan for the next generation of connectivity needs.


From international expos to national sporting events, consumers want to share their experience with others through the sharing of photos, videos, live streaming and more. This demand can be hard to plan for however and often requires the need for real-time monitoring of these events to identify if additional capacity is required. Our solutions enable the creation of a new stream of detailed, subscriber-centric data.

• Service monitoring for public events and spaces.
• Detailed testing across transport routes and civic services.
• Nationwide benchmarking projects across service, voice quality, video streaming, and other subscriber-experience metrics.

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Even the more basic uses for mobile in a retail setting require a good level of coverage. 63% of consumers rely on their mobile phones while shopping in-store to compare prices, search for offers and coupons, and check inventory. The trouble is, assessing how well a store is covered by the mobile network can be difficult to ascertain. Retailers need reliable and independent information on how well their location is served to challenge service providers and justify the spend on enhancement strategies if required.

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Contact Centres

Our SmartAgents digital customer service tool suite helps to create a powerful managed dialog with subscribers and is proven to deliver rapid improvements to KPIs such as First Call Resolution and Average Waiting Time. The software centralises a range of information designed to rapidly close a range of common customer queries regarding network experience. Agents input the contact's location into the interface and can instantly see the network environment around the caller including 2/3/4/5G coverage, live service, any works/maintenance going on in that area, and also nearby retail stores to which they can direct subscribers.

Metricell’s Service Checker API integrates seamlessly into a network operators existing digital customer service channels and allows your subscribers to check location-based network status including new or on-going issues. The system utilises robotic process automation to allow subscribers to enter into automated dialogue in relation to resolution times on raised complaints or issues at stored favourite places.


“With data integration, transparency and automation at the heart of these initiatives, it’s excellent to be having one point of reference that is simple to use making us more efficient in handling customers that result in customer satisfaction as well as efficiency across our operations.”

Inbound Contact Centre Operations

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Thousands of contact centre professionals use SmartAgents in conjunction with ServiceChecker for revolutionary improvements across crucial contact centre and customer experience metrics including benefits for NPS, Propensity to Call and First Contact Resolution.

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One of Saudi Arabia’s largest mobile operators use SmartAgents to quickly resolve customer queries through the integration of a range of network data into a single interface. This is helping improve customer care and satisfaction immensely by providing fast answers to network queries.

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Web Mapping

Drawing on a wealth of experience with web-based geospatial software, we’re pleased to provide a range of easily customisable maps for any number of internal and customer-facing use cases. With MetriMaps, you can present just the information you need, via the interfaces you require, styled according to the needs of your brand.
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Proven to help you reduce spending on maps with the added benefit of utilising maps customised to your specific business needs.

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MetriMaps can evolve with your requirements allowing you to customise your maps by adding or removing data as your needs change.

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Choose from a range of base maps which can be fine-tuned to the exact requirements of your use case, and the colouring needs of your brand.

Smart Buildings

The IoT is driving a huge opportunity for businesses to create more efficient operations, facilities and working practices. Facilities management remains a fundamental element of smart buildings, with 53% of companies implementing heating and ventilation (HVAC) control and 43% having automated lighting systems as part of their smart building installation. To take maximum advantage of these capabilities requires a high degree of connectivity. Metricell can help you to analyse the specific geographical and usage contexts of your business to make your buildings smarter.

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